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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

NAMA ROOPA (Magnetizing & Forming)

From the beginning of Cause & Effect we already went through the articles of Introduction to Cause & Effect, Ignorance, Sankara, and Consciousness.  We already discuss 3 main objects from the 12 objects of Cause & Effect theory.  I believe you understood them well for your understanding of Dharma.  And also you know why I explain about this Cause & Effect theory.  We shouldn’t forget the aim of ours.  My first concern about giving you the fastest way to attain nirvana and I explain the way as Indriya Meditation.  We all know now without a better understanding we can’t practice nicely and perfectly to achieve our goal.  So to practice Indriya meditation we should grab the best which help to follow that.  And that is why I explain this Cause & Effect theory to you all to understand it from your own mind and realize the truth.  So as I always following something without h knowing what we exactly flow is a really useless & meaningless thing.  So I’m trying my level best to explain all these for your better understanding.

So NAMA ROOPA is the 4th object in Cause & Effect Theory.  We should also understand hear; what is NAMA ROOPA?  What is the cause of NAMA ROOPA? What is the cease of NAMA ROOPA? & what is the path of ceasing NAMA ROOPA?  And then here again you understand another way to fit to the path of Nirvana & achieve the goal.  This is another way from the 84,000 ways to Nirvana.  So with the determination to understand this section let’s continue the article.  

We can see there are many explanations to this NAMA ROOPA section.  Sometimes it identify as Nama is the mind and Roopa is the body…. Again sometimes Nama as mentality and Roopa as materiality… sometimes say Nama as Feeling (Vedana), Perception (Sanna), Do Actions (Sankara), Consciousness (Vinnana) and the 4 elements as the Roopa.  Sometimes it is explained as this NAMA ROOPA is inseparable and interdependent.  There is also a famous example has been comparing them with a blind man who carry a cripple on his shoulders with the guidance of the cripple who can’t walk but can see.  It says only by mutual assistance they can move efficiently.   But if we try to explain this NAMA ROOPA as above what happen with the things like rocks… trees… mountains… etc…  As they have four elements too as the Roopa (Form) shouldn’t they too have NAMA (Name) which says as mind?  If so the rocks & trees also should have a Feeling (Vedana), Perception (Sanna), Do Actions (Sankara), Consciousness (Vinnana) & mental directing (manasikara).  As always we should clear all these questions which troubles to our understanding of Dharma and for that we should understand these things meaningfully.  If we scramble with NAMA ROOPA it will be difficult to understand the Cause & Effect theory which guides us to meet our teacher of Dharma.  So let’s clear all these for a better understanding.  

NAMA gives the meaning of “LEAN or MAGNETIZE”!  And ROOPA gives the meaning of “CHANGING or POLISHING”!  Why FORMs also identify as ROOPA because they changing & polishing to that structures and formations.  And nature is magnetizing accordingly.  The base of this magnetizing or the power source for this is always a MIND.  As   Feeling (Vedana), Perception (Sanna), Do Actions (Sankara), Consciousness (Vinnana) & mental directing (manasikara) helps & become the source for that they identified as Nama.  If anything has the quality of Leaning or magnetizing that identify as the NAMA.    We all know a form has a structure.  To build that structure it should lean or magnetize to a quality and that quality of magnetizing is identifies as NAMA.  As long as the energy spread through that magnetizes quality the structure is visible.  As long as that structure is visible we can call it as ROOPA.  Let’s understand this through examples as the examples helps everyone for understand anything clearly.  

How we call a person with the structure of tall & thin?  “Beanpole” isn’t it?  And if a person is short & fat we use a word as “Tubby”… even we call them beanpole or tubby or chubby aren’t they human?  They are categorizing in one category as human.  But as a special structure is visible for us we identify them with another name accordingly we put.  That is why we said Nama is with the meaning of Magnetize or lean for special quality and that doesn’t change with the worldly recognize names and categories.  Whatever the structure or behavior visible for us according to that magnetize quality we identify as its form or ROOPA.  That is how the 4 elements constructed forms too and they also identify as Roopa. 

How this Nama & Roopa constructing?  We all know that constructing happening according to the theory of “Vinnana paccaya Nama Roopang (Consciousness cause to magnetizing & forming).  This Nama Roopa is the cause to create endless suffering & existence.  So we should understand this Nama Roopa and cease them for our freedom.  “Vinnana Niroda Nama Roopa Nirodo (When Vinnana Cease the magnetizing & forming also cease)” is the way to cease this Nama Roopa.  Let’s clear more about this Nama Roopa.  Dharma says “Nama Roopa take part in the Vinnana”.  That clearly says this Nama Roopa is inside the Vinnana and they arise inside the Consciousnesses.  We should clear this more for our understanding.  

We already understood that Vinnana / Consciousness are a converted mind which arises reasoning the ignorance.  And that Consciousness guides us to the suffering.  So this Nama Roopa is take part in such a converted mind call consciousness and guides us to the suffering.  It is difficult to understand this fact through the phrase which says Nama is the Mind & Roopa is the Form.  You already know about the Cause & Effect theory which activated in each moment we pass.  That is helps us to understand the day to day behaviors.  When we do actions through our mind, body & words about the things we attracted the expectation arises about the things we attracted.  And that make us to think that we can’t live without those attractive things.  

We should clear this again through an example;
A young boy who never drinks Alcohol happened to meet such friend who addicted to the Alcohol.  Those friends force him to drink Alcohol to the first time.  And he drinks it with difficulties for the first time.  But he feels good when he drink several time.  And now he also addicted to the Alcohol.  Why he addicted because he found attractiveness in that.  If there is no attractiveness he will not addicted to the drinking Alcohol.  Everyone addicted to something just because there they found some sort of attractiveness.  If there is no attractiveness no one will attach to it or addict to it.  Lord Samma Sambuddha Said if there is NO attractiveness in this world do these people continue this existence?  So there is some sort of attractiveness people find when they attach to something.  So likewise the young boy found attractiveness in drinking alcohol and now he is addicted.  Now his mind is polluted with a strange thought which he never had before.  Before he drink alcohol he didn’t had this mind of drinking alcohol but now he has.  Attractiveness he found in this outside thing happens to pollute his mind and converted the mind into the Drinking mind.  Now he has the consciousness which he didn’t have earlier.  That is Drinking Consciousness.  Now he attach to the drinking.  Now he named as an alcoholic.  His mind converted into the alcoholic mind and Alcoholic Consciousness arises and now he feels like that he can’t live without drinking alcohol.  He already had a mind.  But now what happen to that mind?  It converted to a mind which can’t stay without drinking.  It is very difficult to stay without drinking.  He is so uncomfortable now.  His mind is troubling to him.  

This is the time that the new thing which never was there takes apart in his Consciousness.  Doesn’t matter where the tavern is… doesn’t matter what type of alcohol available… doesn’t matter where the friends are… everything is in his mind now.  He thinks about various type of alcohol.  He thinks about the shape of bottles and the quality of the liquors.  He feels the taste of alcohols.  He thinks about the friends he drink with… he thinks about the surrounding of the tavern… etc… etc… now mind is magnetize to these structures… forms he created… this is what explained in Dharma as “Nama Roopa take part in the Vinnana / Consciousness”!  

This is just a simple example and I believe you able to understand what I wanted to explain to you.  Now it is time to think for you.  You can understand by thinking through your own mind.  When we do actions through our mind, body & words with desire, hatred & ignorance the consciousness arises accordingly and this sort of magnetizing happening in the mind… and also there are many structures… forming arises accordingly.  When the base is ignorance… we create all these magnetizing and forming with an attachment to the world.  That is identifying as “Vinnana paccaya Nama Roopang (Consciousness cause to magnetizing & forming) which cause to endless suffering of existence. 

So if we take Nama as Mind & Roopa as Body how possible is to match it with dharma.  The greatest Arihat also have the mind & body till he pass away.  Is that mean the greatest Arihat doesn’t get rid of Nama Roopa which arise causing Ignorance???  Think and revise question these things for your understanding and realize the truth for your freedom.  The most important understands the meaning behind all these Dharma fact and then only you will be able to realize dharma… touch dharma... feel dharma which is far beyond the words & grammar & languages.     

When the young boy who addicted to the alcohol and drinking feels the uselessness & meaninglessness in them the tavern or drinking partners or brands of alcohol or shape of bottles or taste of alcohol are not there to bother him.  He is free from all those things which troubles to his mind isn’t it?  Likewise to get rid of magnetizing & forming we should realize the uselessness & meaninglessness in them.  When we get rid of them with understanding the consciousness also vanished so as the ignorance.  When Ignorance is not there we stop do actions through mind, body & words by attaching to the world with the thought of fruitful and that helps to get rid of expectations also.  Again the polluted mind clean to the basic level of Citta which only feels things and so pure in quality… this Citta is not recognize as Nama and the form with that Citta is not the Roopa.  We discuss about the Nama Roopa which take apart in the converted polluted consciousness through ignorance which cause to endless suffering & existence.  

Ignorance & craving makes worldly beings attract into many characters.  They take those characters are interesting and desirable.  They like do false things with defilements.  They do doggish things… they do piggish things… they act as donkeys… they do things like bulls… act like snakes etc… etc… and most of the time they do all these things with interest.  They really have fun by doing all these action which guide them to the 4 hells.  Even though they don’t like to become dogs, pigs, donkeys, bulls or snakes they keep enjoy doing those animal actions to harm others and the world.  They are magnetizing to those qualities and behaviors. That magnetizing cause to create the forming & structures accordingly… if a person doing doggish things he is spreading the energy to the universe where he create the dog stricter as a result.  Likewise as long as one behaves like a dog he or she spread the energy to have dog structure and that is identify as DOG NAMA ROOPA.  This is a very short explanation in a vast topic and let’s discuss about this in the future.  As we all know no matter what is the country we live or what is the language we use we have many common sayings… most of the time those who against the bad & evil things use such phrases to people those who do disgusting, evil things.  “Don’t act like a dog … don’t act like a pig… you behave like a donkey… why you do things like a bull… you are disgusting and you behave like a snake… etc…etc…”  So doesn’t matter what we use as language words… or names… we all identify structures… forming as the way the quality they magnetize.  When you understand this theory of Cause & Effect… and when you understand the Dharma more & more the eternal respect to the Lord Samma Sambuddha arise deep in your mind.  Because when Dharma understanding is there you happen to know that the blessed one explained everything in this universe to the very basic point and he explained everything in a wonderful way.  It is really amazing to experience the puzzles of universe solving through Dharma.  So don’t be delay and experience the true way of everything whiles you following the path to the eternal TRUTH!

So as above you happen to gather the wisdom about Nama Roopa and you will understand What Nama Roopa is. 

As long as Ignorance & craving is with us we attach to the memories from past.  We react in present according to the past memories.  We happen to attract to them.  Through ignorance we attach with them and do actions accordingly.  And the mind is converting accordingly to the consciousness.  The relevant magnetizing & forming (Nama Roopa) happen to take apart inside the consciousness so deeply and powerfully.  This is identified as the Nuclear power in the atom and let’s discusses this vast topic in future.  Till that you can understand the cause for the magnetizing & forming as above.  The naming according to the form is just a standard in the worldly society.  We just named things according to the language we use. 

As an example let’s take a coconut. 

In Sri Lanka we identify it as through the name of “POL”.  Tamil people identify it as “TENGA” and those who use English as the mother tongue identify it as “COCONUT”.  But we use all these names for a same structure.  And that structure happens to visible according to a quality which magnetize.  When it is visible to us we can name it as the way we want but we know that is the same form in everywhere.  This will be clearer when we discuss about the beginning of the world.  For more understanding I’ll give you another example. 

A human doing doggish things continuously and he spread the energy to have the dog form in the future.  Likewise a human turn into a dog according to the Cause & Effect theory and his country or… religion or… class or… color or… anything else doesn’t matter to be the animal.  When he becomes an animal the form of that animal we identify as DOG.  Those who use English they call him DOG… Those who use Sinhalese call him BALLA… Those who know Hindi call him KUTTA… Those who know Tamil call him NAAI… etc… But does it really change the behaviors of that DOG?  The DOG do his DOGGISH activities and he behave like a DOG no matter how we call him… and the form of a DOG also doesn’t change with the name we use to identify him.  This is a simple example to understand Nama Roopa more.

Likewise Nama Roopa arises and we should cease them to be free.   What is the cease of Nama Roopa?  Now you already know that ceasing Nama Roopa is NOT ceasing MIND & BODY.  We should cease the Nama Roopa which takes part in the converted mind call consciousness which arise by causing Ignorance.  We know that Ignorance make us to think this world and the attractive forms, sounds, tastes, fragrances, touches & thoughts are fruitful and keep use them to entertain our selves.  And the result is we magnetizing & forming to them which really troubles to our mind.  If this magnetizing & forming doesn’t happen in our mind what we feel?  Free.  Free from all the trouble.  Our mind is not burning with them.  Mind gets cool.  Mind is peaceful & calm and we can feel it by our own selves.  And the Arya concentration arises and through that we able to complete the wisdom.  When the magnetizing & forming doesn’t happen the ignorance also not there and when ignorance cease we find eternal freedom.  So all we should understand is ceasing magnetizing & forming as it is cause to cease ignorance too.  When our mind doesn’t magnetize to specific qualities or whatever not useful the forming also not happening accordingly.  This is a very sharp process to understand but it is possible with the understanding of Dharma.   When we cease the magnetizing & forming arise as brand new things we cease the results too.  All we have is present magnetized & formed which doesn’t guide to eternal suffering and will end with the present situation with the attainment of Nirvana.  

As we discuss in the previous articles we should understand that this magnetizing & forming process also not the way we want and brings suffering.  When everything is suffering we feel so destitute in this existence and we immediately start to get rid of magnetizing & forming.  So you clear the path to cease this Magnetizing & Forming by not attaching to them and understanding the evil effects of attaching.  That turns to an Arya path to attain Nirvana through understanding and ceasing NAMA ROOPA. 

Now think leisurely, about what YOU magnetize & what sort of forming possible to visible through those magnetizing.  Think for yourself and for your own freedom.  Think whether your mind is peaceful or not… think how many thing you magnetize like the Young Boy who addicted to Alcohol.  Think how many hopes are with you at this very same moment to filled & entertain your 6 senses or Eye, Ears, Tongue, Nose, Body & Mind.  Think what Forms, Sounds, Fragrances, Tastes, Touches and Thoughts you attracted to entertain your 6 senses.  Think about your hopes and understand them clearly and their reality for your own goodness.  When you able to examine your own self you will be able to catch the NAMA ROOPA as soon as they arise which cause to desire, hatred & ignorance… cease them in the very same point by understanding how seriously they can damage you.  Understand how they can make you so destitute in this existence.  Think about continues existence which you already passed.  Think how many times you already magnetize many qualities and happened forming?  How terribly they effect you? Did they still with you? Did you find any peace through them?  Do you feel how useless and meaningless processes we keep continue?  Do you still believe that you will able to gain anything fruitful at least in future? 

Cease Nama Roopa with understanding.  The effect will be no more and you will gain the eternal peace and freedom call Nirvana.

Because when magnetizing & forming cease we cease Salayatana – ceasing Salayatana cause to cease Passa – ceasing Passa cause to cease Vedana – ceasing Vedana cause to cease Tanha – ceasing Tanha cause to cease Upadana – ceasing Upadana cause to cease Bawa – ceasing Bawa cause to cease Jati – ceasing Jati cause to cease Jara Marana Soka Parideva Dukka Domanassa Upayasa likewise the “entire suffering cease!”

I believe this article helps you to understand the NAMA ROOPA clearly for your freedom.  We should remember always the evil effect we can gain through these magnetizing & forming.  And also we should always remember the eternal peace we can gain through by ceasing these magnetizing & forming.  When you understand these 2 sections clearly with regards to the Nama Roopa you can easily follow the Arya path and attain Nirvana. 

Realize the Four Noble truth through NAMA ROOPA by understanding what is NAMA ROOPA?  What is the cause of NAMA ROOPA? What is the cease of NAMA ROOPA? & what is the path of ceasing NAMA ROOPA? And walk to the Nirvana.  

Through all these articles you can understand one main point as the important and basic point.  That is this Arya path is always personal and the process which we should follow to attain Nirvana is huge and we really don’t have time to waste.  There are lots of works which we should complete for our own selves without any delay.  Even when it comes to the Nama Roopa the things which I magnetize & form are not the same for you.  What you magnetizing & forming is not common to another person.  So it is always personal and we should understand and clear all these through our own mind only.  I can’t tell what to cease & what not to cease as I only can show you the theory to cease.  It is up to YOU understand the theory clearly and apply it to solve the puzzles of your own successfully.  When all the puzzles are solved you are free and that freedom is forever and no coming back nor continuation.  

So you know what you magnetize & form… you know the cause for your magnetizing & forming… you know how should cease them and you also know what should do and follow to cease your own magnetizing & forming. And it is you who know at the end whether your magnetizing & forming ceased or not… if cease you will know that it is cease and that is the end.  You don’t have to check with others whether you are free or not… it is again personal and you can feel it by your own self.  

So think openly.  Think… think… think… and revise what you read or hear about all these Dharma facts.  You should understand through your own intelligence levels.  That is why Lord Samma Sambuddha said he CAN NOT give Nirvana for YOU or ME…   that is why he said no one can save you or me… what he did was gave more than enough to understand this reality through our own minds.  So understand this Cause & Effect is the path to meet the teacher of your own call Dharma.  And we shouldn’t be delay to meet our teacher whom helps us to attain the eternal freedom.  And once you meet your own teacher you will not need my help… you will not need anyone else’s help… you can feel it by your own self.  So you should be wise to grab the best out of all these effort of mine and get the maximum advantage from me when it comes to the Dharma.   Dharma completes Dharma and Dharma kept alive Dharma to attain Nirvana and soon you will be able to tell that phrase by your own experience when you understand all these!
Herewith attached all the blessings to meet your own teacher of Dharma!   
May Lord Samma Sambuddha Bless you with Triple Gems!

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