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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This is my favorite object in the Cause & Effect theory among all the 12 objects.  Cause I understand clearly this object than the other 11 objects soon as I heard this.  And this object is highly helping me to understand the Four Noble Truth through this each moment I pass and I believe I can fulfill my achievement soon through this object call SALAYATANA (6 INSTITUTE) by realizing the Four Noble Truth soon.  So I write this article with the belief it will do the same for you all too.  This object is really easy to understand than other objects.  So make sure you concentrate on this while you read this and try to understand it better & better to complete your path to nirvana.    

What is Salayatana (6 institute)? What is the Cause of Salayatana (6 institute)? What is the Cease of Salayatana (6 institute)? & what is the path of ceasing Salayatana (6 institute)? This is another path to attain Nirvana?  So when you able to understand these four noble truths through Salayatana you will be able to attain Nirvana by following the Arya Path.  When Santayana is cease the rest of the objects call Passa, Vedana, Tanha, Upadana, Bawa, Jati, Jara Marana Soka Parideva Dukka Domanassa Upayasa like entire sufferings also cease.  So let’s try to understand this object clearly as the previous objects in cause & effect theory.

Let me explain the section of “What is Salayatana (6 institutes)?”
Mainly Salayatana can identify as 6 institutes call Cakkayatana (Visual - Institute), Sotayatana (Ear - Institute), Ghanayatana (Nose – Institute), Jivhayatana (Tongue – Institute), Kayatana (Body – Institute) and Manayatana (Mind – Institute).  Also it is known as 6 internal institutes and 6 external institutes but known again as 6 main institutes by taking them as 6 combine institute.  As an example Cakkayatana (Visual - Institute) & Roopayatana (Form – Institute), Sotayatana (Ear - Institute) & Shabdayatana (Sound – Institute), Ghanayatana (Nose – Institute) & Gandayatana (Fragrance Institute), Jivhayatana (Tongue – Institute) & Rasayatana (Taste Institute), Kayatana (Body – Institute) &  Pottabbayatana (Touches Institute) and Manayatana (Mind – Institute) & Dhammayatana (Thoughts / Feelings Institutes).     

There is a high important fact we should mainly understand at the beginning.  That is the DIFFERENCE between the 6 organs call EYE, EAR, NOSE, TONGUE, BODY & MIND and the 6 institute call Cakkayatana (Visual - Institute), Sotayatana (Ear - Institute), Ghanayatana (Nose – Institute), Jivhayatana (Tongue – Institute), Kayatana (Body – Institute) and Manayatana (Mind – Institute).  Because if we try to understand these 6 institute are same as the 6 organs we are misleading.  So as you know I never encourage you to mislead through any of these articles & you already know the reason for that also.  So your responsibility is for your own self understands the important facts clearly and my responsibility is explaining them clearly without misleading you all.

Then what is the difference?  What are these 6 institutes?
In Dharma as an example in Vibangaprakaranaya of Abhidamma Pitaka is the place to clear all these things.  So there this difference is mentioned through some questions & answers.        
“Is EYE equivalent to EYE - INSTITUTE? Or is EYE – INSTITUTE equivalent to EYE? (Is Cakku equivalent to Cakkayatana? Or is Cakkayatana equivalent to Cakku?)”    
EYE is EYE and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO EYE – INSTITUTE & EYE – INSTITUTE is EYE INSTITUTE and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO EYE (Cakku is Cakku and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO Cakkayatana & Cakkayatana is Cakkayatana and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO Cakku)!”
“Is EAR equivalent to EAR - INSTITUTE? Or is EAR – INSTITUTE equivalent to EAR? (Is Sota equivalent to Sotayatana? Or is Sotayatana equivalent to Sota?)”    
EAR is EAR and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO EAR – INSTITUTE & EAR – INSTITUTE is EAR INSTITUTE and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO EAR (Sota is Sota and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO Sotayatana & Sotayatana is Sotayatana and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO Sota)!”
“Is NOSE equivalent to NOSE - INSTITUTE? Or is NOSE – INSTITUTE equivalent to NOSE? (Is Ghana equivalent to Ghanayatana? Or is Ghanayatana equivalent to Ghana?)”    
NOSE is NOSE and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO NOSE – INSTITUTE & NOSE – INSTITUTE is NOSEINSTITUTE and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO NOSE (Ghana is Ghana and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO Ghanayatana & Ghanayatana is Ghanayatana and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO Ghana)!”
“Is TONGUE equivalent to TONGUE - INSTITUTE? Or is TONGUE – INSTITUTE equivalent to TONGUE? (Is Jivha equivalent to Jivhayatana? Or is Jivhayatana equivalent to Jivha?)”    
TONGUE is TONGUE and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO TONGUE – INSTITUTE & TONGUE – INSTITUTE is TONGUE INSTITUTE and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO TONGUE (Jivha is Jivha and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO Jivhayatana & Jivhayatana is Jivhayatana and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO Jivha)!”
“Is BODY equivalent to BODY - INSTITUTE? Or is BODY – INSTITUTE equivalent to BODY? (Is Kaya equivalent to Kayatana? Or is Kayatana equivalent to Kaya?)”    
BODY is BODY and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO BODY – INSTITUTE & BODY – INSTITUTE is BODY INSTITUTE and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO BODY (Kaya is Kaya and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO Kayatana & Kayatana is Kayatana and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO Kaya)!”
“Is MIND equivalent to MIND - INSTITUTE? Or is MIND – INSTITUTE equivalent to MIND? (Is Mana equivalent to Manayatana?
? Or is Manayatana equivalent to Mana?)”    
MIND is MIND and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO MIND – INSTITUTE & MIND – INSTITUTE is MIND INSTITUTE and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO MIND (Mana is Mana and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO Manayatana & Manayatana is Manayatana and it is NOT EQUIVALENT TO Mana)!”
Sometimes there will doubt arise some person’s mind as they can’t find these hidden deep facts in the Abhidamma Pitaka.  And also giving the proof for everything will NOT help you if you cannot understand what is written here.  So everything is up to us.  We have our own mind to think and understand these facts whether they are right or false according to the Cause & Effect theory.
Worldly beings are using 6 organs to grab forms, sounds, fragrances, tastes, touches and feelings.  Also they behave with the ignorance & craving to attach these senses.  When we attach to these 6 senses or perceptions our 6 organs call EYE, EAR, TONGUE, NOSE, BODY & MIND turn into the 6 Institutes call EYE – INSTITUTE, EAR – INSTITUTE, TONGUE – INSTITUTE, NOSE – INSTITUTE, BODY – INSTITUTE & MIND – INSTITUTE! This is the procedure we create to live in this world & existence.  When we cease IGNORANCE these 6 Institutes is not there and they will again keep as 6 organs again.  And they never turn out to be 6 institutes again.  The EYE or Cakku will be same as it is EYE and the FORMS or Roopa will be same as it is FORMS.  When there is no attachment to these forms or eye with desire there will be no more institutes.  Institutes arise because of this attachment.        
Now let’s try to clear the word INSTITUTE or AYATANA in Salayatana.  Salayatana means 6 ayatana which gives the meaning 6 institutes.  The words ayatana can identify as Aya + Stana = Ayastana = Ayatana which means “the place of gathering”.  Ok if this is confusing to you all just get the word INSTITUTE.  What happen inside the INSTITUTES?  Definition for the INSTITUTE in the oxford dictionary is; organized body for promotion of science, education, etc.  So we get a clear meaning for INSTITUTE as an organization for promotion of something.  And even practically we know what basic purposes of institutes around the world are.  So I can use the word Institute to explain the word Ayatana.  Sala + Ayatana = Salayatana so there Sala means 6 and Ayatana means Institute.  Now you got a clear vision about the word itself.
When Worldly beings are ignorant they happen to organize things through special 6 organs in their body.  And there is a special process to continue this organizing activity.  Those 6 organs help for that organizing.   
Eye collects Forms… Ears Collects Sounds… Nose collects Fragrances… Tongue collects Tastes… Body collects Touches and Mind collects feelings or thoughts.  As long as these 6 organs of EYE, EARS, TONGUE, NOSE, BODY & MIND helps to this collecting activities or organizing things they become the place or the base for that organizing or collecting part.  As long as those 6 organs become the base for organizing and collecting part and as long as they become the place for that activities the 6 institutes arises.  As long as Ignorance & Craving is with us these 6 Institutes are also active INSIDE the 6 organs.  From the moment Ignorance is ceased these 6 Institute also become inactive and ceased while only the 6 organs are left with us as the empty base or places till we pass away.      
As mentioned above all of us are organizing things by collecting forms through eyes, sounds through ears, fragrances through nose, tastes through tongue, touches through body & feelings through mind.  And we die in our previous lives with the same hope to collect things through these 6 organs and that hope created a powerful energy call Karmic Energy to create the same 6 organs in a suitable way in this life.  As long as we are ignorant these 6 organs will be continuously giving the place by providing the chance to turn them into 6 institutes.  When ignorance ceases the creating energy for the next life’s 6 organs also ceased.  Then there will be no body.  That is why it is said the Greatest Arihat has the owner of his last body.
Even though the explanation goes like this we should clear more about these EYE, EAR, NOSE, TONGUE, BODY & MIND and the 6 institute call Cakkayatana (Visual - Institute), Sotayatana (Ear - Institute), Ghanayatana (Nose – Institute), Jivhayatana (Tongue – Institute), Kayatana (Body – Institute) and Manayatana (Mind – Institute).
The EYE, EAR, NOSE, TONGUE, BODY & MIND are constructed things through the 4 elements.
6 institute call Cakkayatana (Visual - Institute), Sotayatana (Ear - Institute), Ghanayatana (Nose – Institute), Jivhayatana (Tongue – Institute), Kayatana (Body – Institute) and Manayatana (Mind – Institute) are named Salayatana (6 institutes) are connected to the MIND as an internal part which cause to the existence.
These 6 institutes call Salayatana is what we should cease to abandon the existence.
When Nama Roopa (Magnetizing & Forming) is ceased this Salayatana (6 Institutes) also ceased according to the theory of “Nama Roopa paccaya Salayatanag - Nama Roopa niroda Salayatana nirodo (Magnetizing & Forming cause to 6 Institute – Ceasing  Magnetizing & Forming cause to cease 6 Institute).  So we should identify what are these created 6 Institutes & which institutes should cease.  When one become Arihat these 6 Institutes cease.  But EYE, EAR, NOSE, TONGUE, BODY & MIND are still remain.  But 6 Institutes ceased.  Then isn’t that mean the 6 Institute are different from the 6 organs call EYE, EAR, NOSE, TONGUE, BODY & MIND?  It is so simple to understand. 
There is a great example in Sri Lankan vocabulary to explain these 6 Institutes nicely.  But it won’t help you all much as you are not familiar with Sinhalese Language.  Anyway let’s take a common example to all of us where everyone can understand this easily.
There is a building.  And we identify it as just a building.  After few days banking team happen to buy the building and they started their banking inside the building without even changing the structure of the building.  But now we identify that building as a bank.  After few months the banking team left the building and another medical team starts their own work inside the building.  They too didn’t change the structure of the building.  But we identify the same building as a medical laboratory now.  After few months the medical team left the building and now the building use as a library.  Then we identify the same building as the library of that area.  Then library left and there is a super market now.  But now we call it super market & not a building.   Now what happen?  The building’s structure was same all these times and only the activities happening inside changed. 
When banking activities happening we identify the building as a bank.  When medical related activities happening we call it a medical laboratory.  When library works started inside the building we call it library.  When super market came we call it supermarket but not just a building.  How we happen to identify the same building by using many names such as a bank, medical laboratory, library or super market?  The activities happened inside the building cause to make a difference of the same building.  According to the activities doing inside the building we identify accordingly.  But the bank, medical laboratory, library or super market were not the BUILDING they just some institution happened inside the building.
I believe now you understand how 6 organs covert to 6 institute with the example we taken.  Anyway let’s clear it also.
EYE is the building.  It is just a building with nothing happening inside.  We start to use this building call EYE to organize desirable forms to be with them.  Now the empty building call EYE has become an institute which organizes desirable forms and which ignore non desirable forms comes against… etc...  EYE has converted to the EYE – INSTITUTE now.  When we have EYES we can’t ignore the vision we get.  That is so normal.  But what happen when we covert this vision into a LOOK as we convert our EYE into an EYE – INSTITUTE?  It is simply like this. 
We happen to see forms as we have EYES.  We converted our EYE into the EYE – INSTITUTE and happen to organize desirable forms.  All the related activities for that we do inside our EYE. We used to see forms and now we LOOK for desirable forms.  Now we LOOK with a hope to see desirable forms.  When non desirable non attractive forms arise we happen to ignore them.  We again have a hope NOT to see those non attractive or non desirable forms again.  Now just the EYE has become an Institute for some activities with DESIRE.  Also when forms arise against the desire EYE become an institute for HATRED or CONFLICT activities.  We start to collect things accordingly to use for desire or hatred by using our EYE.  When desirable forms are there we use our EYE to organize all the things accordingly.  When non desirable forms are there we use our EYE to organize thing against it.  We UES our EYE to do things accordingly and that’s how our EYE become an EYE – INSTITUTE.  We use that EYE – INSTITUTE to grab things in this world and entertain us in many ways.
Likewise all the other organs also become Institutes according to how we use them.  That is how we start to organize things accordingly inside EAR, NOSE, TONGUE, BODY & MIND and turn them into INSTITUTES.                      
Why we do that?  Because we feel the existence is fruitful.  Why we feel this existence is fruitful?  Because of Ignorance… ignorance make us to feel all the worldly things are fruitful and comfortable and also the existence is fruitful and valuable so we should grab those valuable forms, sounds, fragrances, tastes, touches & feelings as much as possible and we run after them.  With that hope we use our EYE, EAR, NOSE, TONGUE, BODY & MIND to grab what we want and we didn’t allow EYE, EAR, NOSE, TONGUE, BODY & MIND to be stay as it is.  We didn’t allow these 6 organs to stay as 6 organs anymore.  We use these 6 organs for many activities with ignorance and those 6 organs converted into 6 Institutes which work continuously to entertain our own self by fulfilling our hopes.     
The program of watching is happening inside the EYE - The program of listening is happening inside the EAR - The program of smelling is happening inside the NOSE - The program of tasting is happening inside the TONGUE - The program of touching is happening inside the BODY - The program of feelings is happening inside the MIND. Likewise 6 organs started some programs and become 6 institutes.  They become 6 institutes because we didn’t allow them to stay as the way they are.  We didn’t allow these 6 organs to just the way they are and we use them and we are still using them.  I believe you understand clearly what is Salayatana (6 Institute) now.  Better to revise these facts again & again to understand the dharma through your own mind. 
Now let’s clear again CAUSE for Salayatana (6 Institute).
Ignorance makes us to attach things.  Ignorance cause to create bonds with things which we feel we can’t live without those.  When we understand the difference between 6 organs and 6 Institute we happen to know that the ball of flesh & blood so call EYE or piece of flesh so call EAR are NOT the 6 institute call Salayatana.  When we attach with ignorance & craving we started some organization inside those things and they happen to become Institute as a result.
Worldly beings try to attach to attractive & desirable worldly things because of ignorance, craving and unawareness.  We never stop by just seeing a form.  We want to run behind what we saw if it is a desirable form and we keep looking for such forms.  We never stop by just hearing a sound.  We want to run behind what we hear if it is an attractive sound and we keep listening to such sounds.  We never stop by just smelling a fragrance.  We want to run behind what we smell if it is a desirable fragrance and we keep smell the fragrances.  We never stop by just tasting a taste.  We want to run behind what we tastes if it is a desirable taste and we keep taste the tastes.  We never stop by just touching.  We want to run behind what we touch if it is so comfortable and attractive.  So we keep touching the feel the same.  We never stop by just feeling a thought.  We want to keep thinking about it and get the same attractive feeling and we keep thinking. 
We run behind all these forms, sounds, fragrances, tastes, touches & feelings just because we believe they are attractive, desirable, so fruitful, comfortable… etc… through our ignorance.  As long as we are with this ignorance we are with 6 institutes also.  As long as we create ignorance we create these Salayatana (6 Institute) also.  Likewise you can understand the cause of Salayatana (6 institutes).
So we already know what is Salayatana (6 Institute) and cause of Salayatana (6 Institute).  Now we understand that we can cease this Salayatana (6 Institute) too.
So let’s clear that too!
We already know now that EYE, EAR, NOSE, TONGUE, BODY & MIND are stay as it is when we become Arihat.  They are not leaving us till the greatest Arihat one pass away.  So we should cease the Salayatana (6 Institute) which arise in each moment we pass till we cease all the Salayatana (6 Institute) when become a greatest Arihat.  Even though one becomes an Arihat the vision, listening ability don’t cease and they are still with the greatest ones.  But as the ignorance cease they are not using for the ignorant activities anymore and they are not becoming to institute anymore.  That is why we say a greatest Arihat cease Salayatana (6 Institute).  What happen when we cease Salayatana (6 Institute)?  When we attach to worldly things with many hopes we create stress.  But still we are not ready to give up things which create stress and we still attach to them by thinking they are fruitful.  We are trapped with worldly things which are not the way we want and create sufferings and guide us to become so destitute in this existence.  We are trapped because of the illusory idea created around that suffering by giving the feeling of attractive, desirable, comfortable etc.  But somehow at the end we gain nothing but suffering.  So this illusory layer call attractive or desirable close the truth.  As we can’t see the truth we can’t find what these 6 institutes are and also we can’t identify them as useless things.  That make us to trap more & more and stuck with the same illusion and we are running after it with the thought of fruitful.  This is how Ignorance causes to Salayatana (6 Institutes).           
“Avijja paccaya Sankara Avijja Sampraukta (Ignorance cause to Do actions and relate the ignorance), Sankara paccaya Vinnanang Sankara Sampraukta (Do actions cause to Consciousness and relate the Do actions Sankara),  Vinnana paccaya Nama Roopa Vinnana Sampraukta (Consciousness cause to Magnetizing & Forming and relate the consciousness), Nama Roopa paccaya Salayatana Nama Roopa Sampraukta (Magnetizing & Forming cause to 6 Institute and relate the magnetizing and forming)”  this is how 6 Institute applying / relate with Ignorance, Do Actions, Consciousness, Magnetizing & Forming.  The 6 institute are always with these 4 objects and there no institute which not related with these 4 objects.  Then what happen when cease of   Salayatana (6 Institutes)?  All these 4 objects call ignorance, Do actions, Consciousness, Magnetizing & forming also cease.  
Salayatana (6 Institutes) are not something stay for long period.  As the ignorance we create this Salayatana (6 Institutes) also in this very same moment.  They just happen to arise with ignorance and vanish.  But it is happening so quickly that we can’t imagine that such a system is happening.  As much as we cease this ignorance we understand how worldly beings are attach with these Salayatana (6 Institutes) and run behind bundle of suffering by letting them self to drop into destitution.   When we completely cease the ignorance we cease this Salayatana (6 Institutes) also.  And there will be no more creating of Salayatana (6 Institutes).  Cease of Salayatana (6 Institutes)!
Now we should understand the path of ceasing Salayatana (6 Institutes)!
We should understand what is Salayatana (6 Institutes)… we should realize that these Salayatana (6 Institutes) are not fruitful at all.  We should get rid of Salayatana (6 Institutes) by knowing the cause of Salayatana (6 Institutes).  If we don’t know the cause we can’t get rid from cause.  So we should realize how useless is this existence and we should realize the comfort we gain through non attachment.  If we able to realize it in this way we have seen the path of ceasing correctly by realizing the danger of cause & effect and by understanding the comfort of no effect by ceasing the cause.  That is the Eight Fold Path and when we follow that path we able to cease the Salayatana (6 Institutes). 
We feel forms, sounds, tastes, fragrances, touches & feelings so attractive because of our ignorance & craving.  That is the nature of unawareness.  As long as we have that feeling we are filled with stress.  We enjoy when desirable things happening to our lives as the way we expected.  We filled with pleasure and happiness and we try to keep continue the relish we delighted.  But those just exist for a while and vanish.  And we start worrying...  We start suffer…  We become stressful… We put our maximum effort to find the same pleasure again… we become so tired… but we never give up… we keep continue the same activity and we never know when we die & born again… it is the existence happening throughout all these uncountable years and we still do the same thing without knowing or knowing.  But we couldn’t keep the Salayatana (6 Institutes) which we created in our past lives throughout this existence for the same purpose.  And still we are not able to keep the same Salayatana (6 Institutes) with us for this purpose.  We couldn’t keep the joyful moments with us which we happen to be with these Salayatana (6 Institutes) and we are still not able to do so.  So there is no use of talking about future as even in the future we gain the same results.  That is the nature.  That is the truth.  Not only the Salayatana (6 Institutes) we even not able to keep the 6 organs call Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue, Body & Mind as the way we want.   
All these things brings sufferings, stress and uncomfortable and also make us so tired and allow us to keep walk in the same path with ignorance filled with many hopes for future.  And we drag to the existence unknowingly.  This is the critical effect of Salayatana (6 Institutes).  If we need truly a better effect than this effect we should cease Salayatana (6 Institutes) and find the real comfort.  As much as we cease Salayatana (6 Institutes) we gain comfort for that extent.  When the Salayatana (6 Institutes) fully cease we gain the full comfort.  These things should understand by your own mind & knowledge.   
Likewise all the sufferings, stress, uncomfortable feelings, exhaust etc… everything vanish with the cease of Salayatana (6 Institutes).  All the flames extinguish and feel cool.  That is the Nirvana we should see.  You should see this through your own mind how cool it is to be free from all the burnings.  That is the Nirvana you should see through your own mind.  That is the time you see what nirvana is.  You saw Nirvana through the knowledge of dharma.  Through understanding of Dharma you saw what Nirvana is.  Now you USE the greatest Eight Fold Path to walk to the Nirvana which you have already seen.  You are not an idiot anymore who find an unseen thing in the darkness.  You have seen already what you want.  You have already seen what Nirvana is.  Now it is just a matter of time to realize what you have already seen.  As you have already seen how much comfort you can gain through the Nirvana you wanted to feel it & realize it by your own self as soon as possible.  Now your words, body & mind act accordingly and you use them to achieve what you have already seen.  No one can walk to an unseen Nirvana.  When Understanding of Dharma converts you to an Arya Disciple you walk to crystal clear target.  There are no cause to mislead or misguide or lost on the middle of the path when you have this understanding.  No one can say your target should be like this… like that… and you should do in this way or that way to achieve it.  You have already seen what your target is and now you just walk to realize it by your own completely.  And when anyone else says it is not that it is like this or something else you have no reason to be doubtful as you realize it by your own self.  Your target is so clean & clear for your own self.  That target is not shown by someone else or not through a description of someone else. 
When the Arya follower have this understanding of Dharma and seen his or her target call Nirvana their mind so rarely goes behind the worldly things.  That is also slowly vanishing when they keep continue the path for their target straightly by concentrating on the target call Nirvana.  As much as we concentrate our target of Nirvana which we have already seen the pleasure we gain through worldly things also vanishing up to that extent.  We get rid of desire, hatred, and ignorance up to that extent.  That is the uniqueness in this greatest Eight Fold Path.  When we start to follow it with the better understanding we never lost in the middle.  We achieve what we want in each step.  It is just a matter of time and we don’t have to put extra effort to run faster to our target. 
So that is why it is important to remind the evil effect we gain through Salayatana (6 Institutes) & comfort we gain through by ceasing Salayatana (6 Institutes).  Always we should be able to strongly remind the comfort of nirvana which we have already seen and then we able to achieve it fully by gaining the complete true comfort.  When the mind is so into Nirvana that mind complete the Eight fold path and that is the same path of ceasing Salayatana (6 Institutes).   

So I found some places written as the 6 organs are the Salayatana (6 Institutes).  There is no difference between these two.  But if we agree with that view isn’t that mean we believe that the greatest Lord Samma Sambuddha & greatest Arihats also have Salayatana (6 Institutes)?  Because they had 6 organs call Eyes, Ears, Tongue, Nose, Body and Mind.  And they even experience forms, sounds, fragrances, tastes, touches & thoughts or feelings thorough those 6 organs.  So if someone try to explain that there is no difference between these 6 organs and Salayatana (6 Institutes) he is fully covered with ignorance and those who believe that also are ignorant. 
The blessed ones already cease Salayatana (6 Institutes).  There is no cause to become an Arihat without ceasing Salayatana (6 Institutes).  Salayatana (6 Institutes) MUST cease to become an Arihat or attain Nirvana.  So how anyone can explain that there is no difference between these 6 organs & Salayatana (6 Institutes)?  The blessed ones have these 6 organs as long as they live… so what we should understand clearly is we should cease the Salayatana (6 Institutes) which associate these 6 organs.  It is important to understand these dharma facts through your own mind as no one will be able to misguide you again.  if you misguided in this path you lose your own freedom and you will not be able to become your own savior and the reason for that is not anyone else but you only.    
Anyone can tell anything.  Anyone can tell their own views and it is not much difficult to find a topic in this universe to become popular with a topic by adding their own views.   And to tell one’s own views there were no restriction and still no restriction and even in future there won’t be any.  So it is YOU should understand by your own self before depend on such views which arise in your own mind how is your view matching with the cause & effect theory.  I too can write many articles with many views of mine.  I too can force you that this is the only truth which you should & you must believe me.  But what is the benefit YOU & I gain through it?  We will sink more & deeper into the ignorance and there will be no coming back. 
Buddhism is the eternal TRUTH in this Universe.  And we can find all the main theories in these teaching.  In Buddhism we are allow to apply all the theories practically to achieve the truth by our own self.   If we couldn’t understand the theories we will NOT be able to apply them correctly.  We should understand that through our own mind and as the effect to that cause we will be able to realize the truth.  As we know Lord Samma Sambuddha also said don’t just accept because he is saying it.  Revise it through your own mind and understand it by your own.  Then only we able to understand what others say… whether they are telling the truth or not we can realize it by our own self.  So my friend, simply you have your own level of intelligence.  Get the maximum benefit out of it.  It is really useless to allow your mind to become a slave of someone else’s views and beliefs.  Don’t afraid to THINK.  There is no one to punish you or me for THINKING.  If you argue for your own freedom with the pure intention to know the truth and become your own savior you will not drop to hell.  You will now gain more suffers.  As Buddhism is the eternal truth it is not possible to defeat through arguments & views.  But it is not a teaching which says don’t argue accept as said.  It will be really helpful for you to identify the difference. 
BUT you should understand FOR WHAT YOU ARGUE.  One should argue to find his or her own freedom and become own savior.  One should argue with the pure intention to clear the confusions and find the correct path to freedom.  Free from this endless sufferings.  If one is arguing to show off… or to defeat the truth and highlight his or her own view… or to defeat Buddhism or another religion… or to down the other person whom not able to prove the truth with proof… that one is in really ignorance.  When it comes to the arguments we should identify our aim.  This is a world which is not the way we want.  Through the pleasant things and through the unpleasant things we only able to gain nothing but suffering… and as a result we all are so destitute.  So do you believe it is a perfect wining by defeating one destitute person and become another destitute person?  Don’t you feel it is a poor attempt to become the top destitute person among the destitute crowd as we all are destitute?    So we should understand this small truth.  And we should work out to rescue from this destitution.  The decision to become destitute person or not is up to our own selves.  We should think openly out of the frame to get the decision.    
So through all the above facts we already know what is Salayatana (6 Institutes) and what is the cause of Salayatana (6 Institutes).  And also we know cease of Salayatana (6 Institutes) and the path to ceasing Salayatana (6 Institutes).  And when Salayatana (6 Institutes) cease we attain nirvana and that also get cleared through the above facts.  So the path to cease Salayatana (6 Institutes) is Eight Fold Path and when we follow the path with understanding we able to cease Salayatana (6 Institutes) and attain Nirvana at the end.
We should understand how to follow the Eight Fold Path through Salayatana (6 Institutes).  When we understand one thing and we able to compare it with the Four Noble Truth we are improving nothing but Eight Fold Path.  You already know this fact well.  I explained this Four Noble Truth under the topic of “Ignorance” as suffering, cause of suffering, cease of suffering & path of ceasing sufferings.  And then we understood the Four Noble Truth of Sankara (Do Action), Consciousness, and Magnetizing & Forming and how we can attain Nirvana through them.
When we understand Salayatana (6 Institutes), Cause of Salayatana (6 Institutes), Cease of Salayatana (6 Institutes) & the path of ceasing Salayatana (6 Institutes) we happen to understand the four noble truth of Salayatana (6 Institutes) and here we found a way of attaining Nirvana through Salayatana (6 Institutes).
So when you remind the evil effect of Salayatana (6 Institutes) and the comfort you can gain through by ceasing Salayatana (6 Institutes) you can identify the Salayatana (6 Institutes) on the spot.  Then you are able to achieve the true result through a true path by thinking a true way.  The true result is Nirvana.  Nirvana is NOT something we achieve after the death.  It is something we can realize in this very same moment.  Your level effort to achieve this peace will take you to the result ultimately.  Don’t forget that all of us are so unclean and that happen throughout these uncountable years up to now.  We are covered with defilements which have done through many lives.  As long as we delay the path to nirvana we are closing to the death.  We are collecting more & more dark rays as defilements.  We can achieve Nirvana in the very moment by cleaning our selves.  That is possible after few hours… or few days… or few weeks or few years or may be next life or with another Lord Samma Sambuddha.   We can delay it for many more lives too.  It is YOU who should decided what is the most suitable for yourself. 
We should cease the cause which gives the effect for another life of this existence.  That is why we all try to understand the Dharma and follow the eight fold path to attain Nirvana.  And why we do like this?  Because we already understood that there is nothing fruitful in this existence and we should abandon it.  We already understood how important to be free and become our own saviors. 
We experience happiness, worries, respect, disrespect, prosperity, poverty, profit, loses as a result of what we have already done in our previous lives in this existence.  We can’t change what we already have.  But we CAN change our next results.  Everything happens according to the CAUSE & EFFECT theory.  Whether to have another effect as a life or whether to end this existence is all up to us.  And we should understand these basic facts and make our decision wisely. 
When we realize the reality of Salayatana (6 Institutes) we understand even though the EYEs are with us we have no hope to look forms.  Even though the EARs are with us we have no hope to listen sounds.  We see forms… hear sounds but we didn’t convert our organs to institute.  Institutes are ceased.  For what we should see… for what we should listen… what to look or listen… what is there to attach… there are nothing fruitful to be with … so then why I should run behind those… I have no hope to test them… likewise many ideas to experience. 
As long as we believe Salayatana (6 Institutes) are fruitful we find no relaxation… we find dangerous desire… we feel keep wander in pleasure… we feel keep continue our 6 organs to organize worldly things accordingly… Lord Samma Sambuddha Said follow this path you find relaxation, you find no desire… you feel not to wander any more.  So we should improve our selves to follow the path more & more. 
I would like to give an example finally again to confirm your understanding.
We have Eye and there are forms.  But if we don’t feel any form as attractive or desirable we don’t attach to that form isn’t it?
If you are a person who goes to a office from house daily… or school may be… or to a shopping complex may be… anything… just imagine the road you use daily to go certain place.  Just imagine about a road you use daily to travel.
We see many forms in this road daily… we hear many sounds… we smell many fragrances… we taste foods from shops in this road… we touch tree or place or thing we like in this road… we feel all these feelings in this road.  However you use your 6 organs to grab & experience many things in this road.  Now try to remind everything in this road.  Do you remember all the grasses in this road?  Or do you remember the number of houses or number of shops in this road?  Do you remember all the tiny things happen in this road?  Yes you don’t remember many things in the road.  You already know the reason for it.  You already know why we remember few things and why we can’t remember few things.       
Even though we have Eyes and even though there are Forms we did not convert our EYES in to an Institute to see the form which we are not attracted to.  We didn’t try to covert our Ear into an institute to listen the sounds which we are not attracted to.  If you happen to see your favorite actress or actor in this road will you happen to forget that scene? Or if you happen to smell something badly in a place of this road daily will you be able to forget that place or smell?  Likewise we are not allowing our 6 organs to stay as it is and covert them to Salayatana (6 Institutes).  Likewise you even can understand through this example how Magnetizing & Forming cause to Salayatana (6 Institutes) and how they are applying with the Salayatana (6 Institutes).
We behave to convert our 6 organs into these Salayatana (6 Institutes) when we feel something needful for us and fruitful for our existence by attaching to it and also we covert our 6 organs into these Salayatana (6 Institutes) when we disagree with the things coming to our way when we don’t like them.  We simply use them to attach & not attach.  If don’t feel anything fruitful by understanding there reality we never feel go behind them.  So now you know much about Salayatana (6 Institutes) through this basic introduction and I believe when you understand this very well you will be able to complete the path through Salayatana (6 Institutes) and attain Nirvana. 
Let’s bless together to all world all beings may attain Nirvana and be free from this endless sufferings!

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