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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This time my effort is to keep a note about the next object of Cause & Effect Theory! In previous article I tried to explain about Salayatana (6 Institutes), the cause for Salayatana (6 Institutes), the cease of Salayatana (6 Institutes) and the path to cease Salayatana (6 Institutes). If you really try to understand it by revising what you have read there will be more & more chance for you to get a clear understand about the fact. So I’m going to write about Passa or well known as CONTACT / TOUCH.

There are 4 main fact again we should understand about “Contact” in Cause & Effect.
What is Contact? What is the Cause of Contact? What is the Cease of Contact? What is the Path of Ceasing Contact? If we able to realize the four noble truth of Contact we able to realize the eternal truth and attain Nirvana. So keeping that special note in your mind try to understand the meaning behind all the written words in this article coz if we able to cease contact we able to cease Vedana and ceasing Vedana cause to end Tanha – Ending Tanha cause to end Upadana – Ending Upadana cause to end Bawa – Ending Bawa cause to end Jati – Ending Jati cause to end Jara Marana Soka Parideva Dukka Domanassa Upayasa likewise the “entire suffering end!” So let’s try to understand the meaning which helps for our freedom.

First of all we should identify the CONTACT which mentioned in “Salayatana paccaya Passo (6 Institutes cause to Contact)”!
We already know that Ignorance cause to 6 Institutes. Worldly beings start to get the contact accordingly to entertain them self with worldly things.
There are many kind of Contact available.
When we touch 2 wooden stick that also a sort of contact… When 2 trees touch each other that also a sort of contact… when we hit 2 stones that also a sort of contact…
Also Eyes see Forms, Ears hear Sounds, Nose smell Fragrances, Tongue feel Tastes, Body feels Touch, Mind feels Thoughts and these are also sort of CONTACT. But this is not the CONTACT described in Cause & Effect Theory as “Salayatana paccaya Passo (6 Institutes cause to Contact)”! That CONTACT mentioned in Cause & Effect Theory can cease. It is possible to cease when we alive and that cease is possible with the level we achieve in the Eight Fold Path to Nirvana. When one attain Nirvana and become an Arihat by ceasing this CONTACT.
So we understand about the CONTACT described in Cause & Effect theory which cause to suffering when we able to understand these differences in CONTACT.
Let’s try to understand the meaning of this CONTACT which described in Cause & Effect theory and cause to eternal suffering. Read… Think… Think openly… Revise through your own mind… and understand the dharma meaning behind…

Worldly being CONTACT the world to feel things as attractive and desirable for attach with them and also feel things as not attractive and not desirable for conflict with them. So with attach to the desire, hatred, ignorance Eyes contact Forms… Ears contact Sounds… Nose contact Fragrances… Tongue contact Tastes… Body contact touches… Mind contact Thoughts! And to contact in such a manner we convert our Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, Body & Mind into 6 institutes. So that contact which arises causing 6 institutes is mentioned in the cause & effect theory. Somehow we cease the ignorance we able to cease this 6 contacts also. But that doesn’t mean we cease our seeing ability or listening ability or smelling ability or tasting ability or touching ability or thinking ability. The greatest Arihat contact things till the moment he passes away. When he is in Nirodha-samāpatti (attainment of ceasing) the above described normal contacts are also not with him.
We already know that there are 4 different ways of Cause & Effect Theory which well known as Hetu Paticca Samuppada (how each objects reasoning to each other), Pratya Paticca Samuppada (how each objects fitting with each other), Sampraukta Paticca Samuppada (how each objects applying to each other) and Anna Manna Paticca Samuppada (how each objects connecting with each other). And in all these 4 ways the contact also is there with the ignorance. The CONTACT described in Cause & Effect does not signify physical impact, but is one of the 7 constant mental properties of consciousness cetasika and belongs to the group of mental construction. So without messing around with this topic let’s clear the ignorant process which covered the reality and how contact is becoming a part of it.

Eyes contact Forms. Ears contact Sounds. We also known this as Eyes see forms and Ears hear sounds. When ignorance is there we create another CONTACT in our mind apart from these normal contacts. And that is the Contact we possess. What are the contacts we create for possess things? There is a child and we say “my son / my daughter” that is a one CONTACT. And we say “My husband / my wife” that is another Contact. Likewise we contact people with another name to identify them in a different way. This is quite deep difficult fact and I’m sure you also are able to understand when you revise all these with an open mind.

The body we see externally with eyes, ears, nose, tongue and body and identifying that as a human body is a one contact. Also we identify that body through a name shape and characteristic in our own way too. But these 2 kinds of contacts doesn’t cause to Fondness (Aleema) or Conflict (Gateema).
We see relationships on that human body. This is a relative, this is a friend, this is an enemy, this is a family member etc… and we feel in such manner which causes us to attach with them or conflict with them. If that contact creates affection through that affection we attach to this existence. So that CONTACT which cause to attach with the existence is identify as IGNORANT CONTACT which cause for the suffering. We should understand well how this ignorant contact happens.

I’ll give you an example!
Let’s imaging that a mother who left her child before 10 years back feel to see her child again. She also never got a chance to see even a photograph of that child. She happens to know the school her child is going to and she went near to the school. Many kids are coming at once playing and one kid happen to hit her accidently and she started shouting the boy with anger… then one person who knows about them happen to see the incident and came closer and said you are scolding to your own son… then what will be her reactions? She suddenly gets the feeling of “MY SON” and her anger vanishes. She gets a great love towards the kid with the vision she took as “my son”. Likewise CONTACT arises.
You may be come across such situation in your life. I just wanted to explain through that example that the contact happen by seeing a form through eyes doesn’t create anything special. The specialty arise with the feeling / vision of “MINE”. That contact is with ignorance. Ignorance cause to this contact… and also this contact arise with ignorance. This contact cause to existence and sufferings… See forms through Eyes don’t create any cause for existence. So as hearing sounds don’t create existence. Smelling fragrances… tasting tastes… feel touches… thinking don’t create cause for existence. Greatest Arihat also have these normal contacts which are necessary for living. So understanding the difference between these contact is the most important thing to understand clearly what should understand.
So readers,
The beings think or not… they touch each other or not… beings happen to contact with worldly materials & properties all the time. As long as ignorance, craving & unawareness are there our 6 organs contact the world with fondness, desire and create expectations / hopes. And then we attentiveness for them… when things we attentiveness come across on our way with the way we expect we contact them. That contact is with ignorance & craving. Those 6 classes of sense-contact identify as Cakku Sampassa (visual contact with ignorance) Sota Sampassa (contact of hearing with ignorance), Gana Sampassa (Contact of smelling with ignorance), Jivha Sampassa (Contact of tasting with ignorance), Kaya Sampassa (bodily tactile contact with ignorance) and Mano Sampassa (mental contact with ignorance). This is well explained in Vibangaprakaranaya in Tripitaka.

“Tatta Katamo Salayatana paccaya Passo? (What is 6 Institutes cause to Contact?) – Cakku Sampassa (visual contact with ignorance), Sota Sampassa (contact of hearing with ignorance), Gana Sampassa (Contact of smelling with ignorance), Jivha Sampassa (Contact of tasting with ignorance), Kaya Sampassa (bodily tactile contact with ignorance) and Mano Sampassa (mental contact with ignorance) Ayang uccati Salayatana paccaya Passo (That what 6 Institutes cause to Contact is)”

But there is a very very important thing we should understand clearly in this section.
Did you notice any difference between words mentioned in above explanation? Yes I guess you have notice it.
In cause & effect theory the word Passa is mentioned clearly. That is well known as contact. But in the explanation of word Passa (contact) there is a special word call “SAMPASSA” is mentioned. Through that explanation we can experience in many places just mentioned that “SAMPASSA = PASSA”. Yes that is true. BUT we should understand HOW that “SAMPASSA = PASSA” is really possible.
If we accept what says as it is we accept that thing without an understanding. That is not a help for us… so we should think and understand how the word Passa equal to Sampassa.

The Ignorance, craving is cause to convert Pass into Sampassa. Visual contact into Visual contact with ignorance… Hearing Contact into Hearing Contact with ignorance etc… etc… When there is no Ignorance only contact is there. The Cause & Effect theory is the basic theory which helps us to understand the cause of suffering and understand the entire world. Mainly the cause & effect theory described the CAUSE OF SUFFERING & CEASE OF SUFFERING! So the theory always included with the cause for sufferings and the cease of suffering by ceasing the cause shown. It’s not included something apart from the subjects. So in that way the cause & effect theory explain about a contact which cause to suffering and to give a better idea to us it explain that Passa (contact) through the word Sampassa (Contact with ignorance). So that is how there is a Contact available which possible to cease and when ignorance & craving cease that contact also get ceased. Great Samma Sambuddha or Great Arihats doesn’t have this Contact with ignorance. But still they can see, hear, smell, taste, touch & think. And believe you understood the difference.

Let’s try to know more about contact!
I like to get another example again.
2 people died. One is your own family member and the other one is not known to you… let’s say a stranger. Both who died are human beings. Only difference is you believe one is known to you and other one is not known to you. That simple belief of yours can cause to more suffering for you isn’t it? How far you use your 6 organs to react with that difference? Now you covert your 6 organs into 6 institute to feel suffering and why are that? Coz you contact that one dead body belongs to one of your own relation. The other dead body didn’t cause you to suffering as that person is not contact by you as your own one. So the feeling of “MINE” and the contact based on that feeling is ignorant contact and cause to suffering. That is the Passa (Contact) identify as Sampassa (Contact with ignorance).
The other dead person didn’t give you the feeling of “Mine” and no suffering. But the dead person you believe as “Mine” create suffering. The visual contact you got through those 2 dead bodies is the same. But the feeling of “Mine” gave you the contact with ignorance. From there onward you see one dead body with another added measurement. That measurement is improving with the improvement of fondness. You happen to add many words to describe the person or things closer to you. “My darling daughter… my sweet mom… my loving husband… my cute wife… etc… etc…”

That is the CONTACT cause to suffering and that is the CONTACT we should understand & identify to cease for our freedom. The feeling of “Mine” “my things” gives an ignorant feeling through ignorance itself and contact things. That contact cause to give many Feelings. Hope you understood the difference between the feelings you got through the 2 dead people in above example.
Likewise the moment you see, hear, smell, taste, touch, think with the feeling of “mine” is the moment you create CONTACT with ignorance. That cause to make you feel one as your own and another as a stranger and create a difference between what you see, hear, smell, taste, touch & think even though you happen to see same kind of things.
That ignorant contact make you to feel one as your own among the same king of people… one as your own book among same kind of books… one as your own house among the same kind of houses… etc… etc…
This feeling of “My… Mine” is spread to the infinite level…
First we start with “I”… then “my eyes, my ears, my nose, my tongue, my body, my mind”… then “my cloths, my books, my stuffs”… then “My mother, my father, my sister, my brother, my son, my daughter, my wife, my husband…” then contact spread to another higher level… “My relatives, my friends, my relative’s properties, my friends’ friends…” then the village… “My village… my village people…” even the word “WE & OUR” has the part of “MY & MINE”. When we say “Our village” that means “My & Mine” already there as a part of “OUR”… so “my country… my religion… my nationality… my race…”
If there is a religion problem arise we scream as “my religion… our religion we should save it… I should save it… etc…” when it comes to the country we forget all the race problems and scream together to save country “my country… our country…” Let’s imagine Extra terrestrials have come to this world a UFO came and we all get together to save the world… “Our world… my world…” this is can be continue to more levels… what if another set of extra terrestrials coming to take over the galaxy we live… then it’s “Our galaxy… My galaxy… etc…. it’s just we don’t know about the other galaxies or else we already have many things to think about and that is how ignorance ruling us…
So when the feeling of “I… My… Mine” arise the CONTACT is NOT just contact anymore… it is become the CONTACT with IGNORANCE and believe now you understand the difference.
This is a very basic explanation about CONTACT as all the other basic articles about Object of Cause & Effect Theory. Believe this again is enough for you all to get a basic understanding about the fact.

Then next is to know about the CAUSE for this contact with ignorance?
The cause is already clear for us. Isn’t it? We happen to attach with things with the thought that they are fruitful and have value and useful for us with the ignorance & craving. We have a vision of animals & beings & material & properties… we have a vision on soul… with all these vision we happen to contact things with ignorance and that cause to suffering.
We see a form in this present moment, we hear a sound, we smell a fragrance, we taste a taste, we feel a touch, we think a thought and that moment quickly pass away and adding to the past so quickly in this very instant. But it is so quick that we really can’t feel it if we didn’t concentrate on that… what we exactly do is the forms we see, sound we hear, fragrance we smell, taste we taste, touch we feel, thought we think in this instant store in our memory as a note to memories. When the present pass away in a instant so quickly to the past we no more see forms through the eyes, we no more hear sound through the ears, we no more smell fragrance through the nose, we no more taste the tastes through tongue, we no more feel the touch through body… we all feel all the feeling through our MIND. The note we kept as a memory help to think continuously and feel things as real… when mind recognize things as real it start to measure what saw, heard, smelled, tasted, touched… big or small… long or short… thin or fat… beautiful or ugly… whatever the feelings then arise with that measurement… actually the present moments which pass within a instant do NOT really help to get that measurement. Coz nothing much captured to that instant which helpful for such an understanding.
Well this is a real deep and difficult dharma fact I simply describe in a short way and hoping to post an article about these deep facts in the future. Till that I just wanted to explain this small part as a help for the subject we already discussing… the most important fact to understand through that deep dharma fact is there is nothing actually we can feel in the present moment even though we feel that we feel something. Each moment pass and added to the past so quickly… and that is so fast and we even can’t feel it in the correct way… it’s nothing but illusion at the end… however as a result of not realizing this reality we happen to memorize what we see, listen, smell, taste, touch & think each moment and accept those things as a continuous sequences with the ignorance and measure the animals, human beings, materials & properties through the mind & it’s memory.
So till we discuss about these facts in the future article I believe you will use your own mind to think & understand what I explain shortly in this article.
So friends, simply as a result of not realizing the reality we trapped in an illusion by thinking that illusion as the reality. We contact things through that misunderstanding. We convert our 6 organs into 6 institutes with that misunderstanding and we contact with ignorance. As a result of same process in our previous lives we are here now with the 6 organs… but again we do the same mistake again & again in this life also and for sure we are going to have 6 organs again. With the differences of using our body, words & mind we get different kind of 6 organs which differ one to one with shape, size, structure etc… but the process we do through that 6 organs are same… the same 6 organs convert to the worst way and become animals and they are also used to be human like you and me… I’ll write another article about this fact at the end when you are clear with the Cause & Effect theory! So understanding these facts if we work out to stop doing the same mistake in this life we able to cease the existence and we able to stop having a 6 organs again by ceasing the cause.

So what is the Cease of Contact describe in Cause & Effect Theory?
If we try to understand the reason behind these deep attachments which cause to contact with ignorance, we are able to find an answer easily. The answer is simply we couldn’t understand the world as Anicca, Dukka & Anatta. That means we still couldn’t understand that things are not the way we want and that cause to sufferings and as everything ends up with suffering we are so destitute. We simply can’t understand the things we contact with ignorance also with the same qualities. Till we realize this simple truth we contact things and guide ourselves to the suffering… and destituteness and more suffering and become more destitute. If we understood that get rid of the process which create suffering & destituteness is the way to freedom and gain true happiness where no suffering arise at the end that is what we should follow.
The cease of contact is that realization we gain through understanding. The moment we get rid of the process which create desire, hatred & ignorance we become our own saviors… and we find our freedom. We should understand through our own mind the process which brings us sufferings and make us so helpless / destitute. We should understand how this contact can guide us to that suffering and we should understand when we cease that contact what a happiness what a freedom we can gain through… the understanding of contact with ignorance and understanding the freedom we gain through ceasing that contact will allow us to feel the uselessness of contact forms, contact sounds, contact fragrances, contact tastes, contact touches, contact thoughts with ignorance. The understanding helps us to guide our 6 organs as the organs without converting them to 6 institutes.
We see forms but we don’t convert our eyes into eye institute to look forms… we hear sounds but we don’t convert our ears into ear institute to listen sounds… we smell fragrances but we don’t convert our nose into nose institute to smell fragrances… we taste tastes but we don’t convert our tongue into tongue institute to taste tastes… we feel touches but we don’t convert our body into body institute to feel touches… we think but we don’t convert our mind into mind institute to think … and there are no institute means there are no contact… and there are no contact means there are no feelings… specially there are no feelings with ignorance… no contact with ignorance… when we get rid of the contact with ignorance that’s it… we cease contact and no more contact with ignorance again and we are free. And we realize the real freedom call nirvana.

What is the Path of ceasing Contact?
As explained above the person who got the understanding about Cease of Contact understands through that he or she is able to attain nirvana. Then that person starts to think a path to cease the contact. He or she already understands the evil effect he or she can gain through the contact with ignorance. And also he or she already understands by ceasing contacts he or she can gain ultimate happiness call nirvana. Likewise we should revise what we understood about ceasing contacts. We should concentrate on the evil effect we gain through that and the happiness gain through ceasing it as much as possible… when we concentrate on this all the possible time we improve our mind to identify the contact with ignorance and we also workout to get rid of that as soon as possible… when the mind is improving well identifying the contacts with ignorance is also improving and the time we take to get rid of them is less… then when our mind is improved through this meditation while we think, speak, do actions there is a moment arise which we understand the contact with ignorance at the same time and cease it at the very same time and that moment we cease the contact with ignorance permanently and we realize the reality.
Even though this meditation of awareness is quite difficult at the beginning we are able to do it successfully with the improvement. When we see form we automatically start to think what sort of a form I see now… and why I see it… what is the contact I get through this form… etc etc..
The dharma completes dharma itself & dharma filled dharma itself to attain nirvana.
We realize the difference of contact and the contact with the ignorance… we understand the high attachment and also the things we think & believe are fruitful and useful and etc… and also we happen to see that there is nothing at all in them to feel like that way… when the understanding improve in dharma there is no need to put extra effort to get rid of attachments it happens automatically and then what ever we do for others do with the respect of fulfilling responsibility. It’s all about our vision… we just have to clear our mind a little with the understanding of dharma… the way we happen to see things all these time will get a new look with the understanding of dharma.

Let me finish this article with a small story!
There was a father and when the time he about to die he happen to gift a golden color chair to his 3 son and ask them to share it for their benefit. After the death of father the 3 son started fighting… coz they thought the chair is really valuable as it is made out of gold… elder son said I need the bigger part as I’m the elder one… then the middle one said I need the bigger part coz I happen to take care of father more than you too… then the youngest one said no father love me most so I need the bigger part… when these 3 sons are fighting a person came to that place. Then he asked why you all are fighting? Then they say we need to share this golden chair and I need the bigger part… etc… etc… then that person asked did you check whether this chair is really gold? Then 3 sons stop their fighting for a while and said well… we didn’t… it’s because our father said it is gold and we believe that is true… then that person with the permission of 3 sons happen to call a person who can check gold. Then the man came and checked the chair and said … this is not gold it is just gold plated… it’s a normal chair nothing at all… then the 3 sons started to laugh each other with the shame and they laugh by telling now who need the bigger part you can take with my part also.. etc.. etc.. they laugh at themselves!

When we understand the reality of the Contact with ignorance we too can laugh at our own self and our stupidity. We too can act like that 3 sons. We too start laughing at ourselves by thinking “oh what a shame I thought this is so valuable & fruitful for me all these time… at the end its empty there is nothing… nothing but a illusion which trapped me”! Those who contact highly with high ignorance do all the ten defilements to achieve what they believe fruitful for them and to save what they believe fruitful are. You already know how harmful are those people to the society who do ten defilements. So believe now you too understand the important of understanding the reality without any delay without keep doing the same mistakes again & again.

Understanding the contact with ignorance which create the suffering existence and understanding the cause for that contact as the high attachment and unawareness of reality… and also ceasing that contact can achieve the pure happiness and to achieve that happiness we should improve our understanding on dharma by thinking the evil effect we gain through the contact with ignorance and the pure happiness we gain through by ceasing it… all these understanding should arise in your own mind and reading… listening without thinking and practicing what you read or listen is really not much helpful for your freedom. When you contact forms, contact sounds, contact fragrances, contact tastes, contact touches, contact thoughts better to be in awareness with the contact you have… how far it is ignorant… how far it cause to desire, hatred… then that awareness automatically guide you to the 3 disciplines of mind, body & words which should improve to become your own savior.
I always say the meditation is NOT only the one we do by sitting in a calm & quite place with closed eyes. The meditation should be in both ways. As people who are still involve with responsibilities it is most of the time quite difficult to find more time for sit & do meditation…
But dharma is for everyone… nirvana is for everyone… Great Samma Sambuddha never said that if you can’t meditate in a calm & quite place by sitting with closed eyes you cannot attain nirvana… he explained the most practical method to attain true happiness. He explained how it is possible for everyone… all he said is it is possible for those who really need it most… he explained we become our own savior when we well discipline ourselves.
Greatest Samma Sambuddha recommended a meditation by saying the fastest way to attain nirvana. And that is Indriya meditation and you already know that I’m writing all these articles to explain what is Indriya mediation and how we can do it with the understanding… so the understanding of dharma helps you to get rid of desire, hatred, ignorance by being awareness in 24 hours in whole 7 days… the understanding helps to identify the words, thoughts, actions which cause to desire, hatred & ignorance through our word, mind, body. There will be a moment while you do a action… or may be while you speak… or may be while you think you complete your understanding of dharma by realizing the eternal truth around you… that is moment you feel the eternal happiness… the moment you realize the truth and the moment you become your own savior… the moment you found your own freedom. That is the moment you attain the greatest nirvana which you have understood through the dharma all these time and seeing through your own mind all these time and walk the path to realize it.
There are many examples from the dharma which says about the people who attain nirvana while do actions, speaking, thinking… it is not always while meditating by sitting somewhere calm & quite with closed eyes.

Most important is how far you take advantage from your time. The most important is how far you need to become your own savior… the most important is how far you ready to sacrifice your worldly pleasure… the most important is how far you need to realize the true & pure happiness which is even beyond the words to explain it… most important is how far you are ready to walk the path of nirvana which is with non attachment… most important is how far you ready to leave the existence…

With the mind, body, words if you attach with the thoughts, actions, words which cause to desire, hatred, ignorance then you still have the contact with ignorance. Understand & identify your own faults which become barriers to your freedom and true happiness is most important for you and correct them and work out for to the freedom of yours is most important for yourself than involving useless worldly things by entertaining your 5 senses and mind. This decision of course you should make through your own mind. Coz taking this decision because someone you respect told you or making this decision someone else’s recommendation or taking the decision with another reason is NOT what you have to do and that is not going to successful also. Decision should arise in your own mind by understanding the true dharma… understanding the reality… then the decision is not going to change with the circumstance arise for you… what you understood is not possible to change by anything or anyone!
You already know that there is way we should improve through purity. That is not begins with the ignorance. While the contacts arises which causing ignorance guide us to craving the contact which arises through the purity guide us to the Pleasant Mind. When we do good things with the Non Craving (Alobha), Non Hatred (Adwesha) & Awareness (Amoha) our mind brings the pleasantness instead of Craving. These facts we learnt through the previous articles and believe you understood about those facts also. Any way with regards to the purity we can discuss in the future…
Till we discuss the next objects try to understand the contact with ignorance and follow the path of ceasing contacts.

Get rid of the things which should get rid of and increase the things which should be with & increase and that is the Eight Fold Path to attain Nirvana with understanding! Everything is up to YOU!

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