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Friday, December 3, 2010

Upadana (Clinging)

First of all I would like to apologize for the extreme delay for posting this article. The reason behind my delay is that I’m trying to give you a complete website guide for you to achieve the real happiness. so please forgive me again and let’s discuss about the ninth object of the Cause & Effect theory.
Upadana – Clinging is the ninth factor which causes you to bring suffering. As you already read the article about “Tanha / Craving” it will be easy for you to understand this factor too. Tanha / Craving cause to Upadana / Clinging.

We happen to attach to those pleasant forms, pleasant sounds, pleasant fragrances, pleasant tastes, pleasant touches and pleasant thoughts. And as you already know how craving arise for those pleasant forms, sounds, fragrances, tastes, touches & thoughts let’s clarify how these things cause to “Clinging”.

When we take the word “CLING” the word itself express the meaning of this status. When we crave for forms, sounds, fragrances, tastes, touches and thoughts the hope to have them again and again is arise within our mind. When some forms or sounds or fragrances or tastes or touches entertaining us we start liking them. We want to have the same pleasure again & again… so we start to stick with them. That’s how “Clinging” is starting.
But there is very important fact we should understand on this word. When we take the meaning as Stick tightly or clinging that meaning is expressing something or someone which we are stick with. But cause & effect is to understand the reality of the animals, people, materials & properties which we are attach by saying “I” & “Mine”. But there is nothing special on those animals, people, materials or properties as they just arise as long as the cause is there for them.
Once the great Samma Sambuddha has explained the quality of “Clinging / Upadana” to a person call Waccagotta. The blessed one said “Wind cause to arise the higher flames on a fire (Wind cause to increase the level of flames) / the wind become the Upadana to create the higher flames. Let’s try to clarify through this example. Wind is supporting to flames / fire. The quality of “something attach and supportive to existence of another thing” that quality is same as the quality of Upadana / clinging. When one thing supportive and attach to another thing it creates some another thing with a different quality. As an example Hydrogen is identified as an air as well as the Oxygen is too an air. What happening when these 2 gases mixed up / clinging together / stick together? It creates another different form call H2O which we all know as Water. Water is not an air but a form of a liquid. Likewise Tanha / Craving is the quality of liking or attaching to some sort of an existence. When that quality is mixed up with the quality of clinging, it causes to create another quality which is different than those both qualities. And that is the quality which causes to accept things as “I” or “MINE” OR in another way this causes to create “I” and “MINE”! “Clinging”, is in another way an intensified degree of craving / Tanha.
In a simple way, when something entertaining us or something pleasurable cause to make us liking for that thing. And when you feel like accept it as “I” or “MINE” means the “Clinging” has done its part with the Craving. Let’s see what we are clinging with? When we feel that the five senses are pleasurable that feeling guide us to collect all the things we need to have to get that pleasure. When we crave for a movie we buy the DVD of it to watch it again & again. That is clinging! When we like pizza and crave for it we keep the hotline number with us safely to get the same taste again & again. That is clinging! When we crave to entertain our eyes by showing Tele dramas, movies & other TV shows we buy a Television. And we call it “MY TELEVISION” or “it is mine” or “I bought it” etc… and we want to protect it and if it happen to broken we feel terrible. And that is clinging! Likewise we never stop just by liking or crave for things. We clinging them and create the bundle of “I” & “MINE”.

“Tatta Katama Tanha paccaya Upadanang? (What is craving cause to clinging?) Kamaupadana (sense-clinging), dittiupadana (clinging to views), Silabbataupadana (clinging to mere rules and ritual), Attavadupadana (clinging to the personality-belief) Ayang uccati Tanha paccaya Upadana (That what craving cause to Clinging)”

Through this it is saying that there are 4 kinds of clinging. Those are sense-clinging, clinging to views, clinging to mere rules and ritual, clinging to the personality-belief.
What now is the sense-clinging? Whatever with regard to sense-objects there exists of sense-lust, sense-desire, sense-attachment, sense-passion, sense-confusedness, sense-mental chains: this is called sense-clinging. Simply clinging to the pleasurable forms, sounds, fragrances, tastes, touches and the thoughts can identify as “sense – clinging”.

What is the clinging to views? Food and offerings are useless; there is no fruit and result for good and bad deeds: all such view and wrong conceptions are called the clinging to views. Some also have views of being someone special or top in status and thinking of bonding and creating an existence of such a status. And try to control the “I” & “MINE” in there. This is possible to understand as “Clinging to views”

What is the clinging to mere rules and ritual? The holding firmly to the view that through mere rules and ritual one may reach purification: this is called the clinging to mere rules and ritual.

What is the clinging to the personality-belief? The ego-views with regard to the groups of existence are called the clinging to the personality-belief. Some tries to become the god or Brahmans by thinking they are living happily without any suffering. And they believe that such existences forms are last forever. So they too want to become such a part of existence. And they clinging to the process of being such a level and that’s identified as the personality – belief.

Clinging should identify with accordance to the situations as above. When the quality of craving arises we can identify it from the way we begin to like about certain existence levels. When clinging arises we begin to think like “I” or “MINE”. So that’s a very simple way to identify these 2 objects as factors in our lives.
There is always way to cease the cause of suffering. So there is a way to cease the Upadana / Clinging. Clinging exists as long as we are with the view of fruitful, meaningful, and useful for something really not like that. So we just want to have cleared our mind by understanding the reality of the things we clinging. All the things we are like to call “I” or “MINE” are with the quality of changing, decay and destroying at the end. They never behave the way we want. So they can’t bring happiness to us as the way we desperate for the real happiness. All the constructed things get changed and finally get destroyed and that is the nature. Expecting something we want in such things is our own foolishness. There is not point of blaming anyone else or anything else. So it’s up to us to get rid of such ignorant thoughts. Then only we able to see the reality of the things which we are really crave for. Then of course we will be able to get rid of the clinging as well. What is the use of calling “I” or “MINE” to something which really is not in our control? What is the use of giving such a value to the things which don’t care what we need? It’s up to you to decide. All the smallest things can bring you suffering. As far as I know most the valuable and pleasurable things bring more suffering to our lives. When we lost or when things are not behaving the way we want suffering arise. And more suffering arises when those things are one of the best and closest things in our lives. So it’s our own entire fault. We call suffering by our own and we say don’t come. But it’s not happening as we invited suffering also with the pleasurable entertaining things. So my dear friends, it’s time for you to decide to get rid of the clinging for your own betterment.

Whenever you feel like having something “I” or “MINE” remember at least these words and how they can bring you suffering. Just is patient for a moment before you hug the suffering by misunderstanding it is pleasure. As long as you need to collect animals, peoples, materials, and properties to your own side by calling them “I” or “MINE” the clinging exist. And as long as clinging exist suffering also exists. So it’s easy to get rid from the clinging than shouting to the suffering “Go out”. Remember, the fault is with your own mind. Teach it how to see the evil effect of clinging… and the good effect you possible can gain through ceasing the clinging. When the mind is practiced to understand the things in this way you will experience the peace of non attachments, none clinging and of course the eternal peace call nirvana.

This is the way of ceasing clinging and if someone cease it in the past it is through this path and if someone will cease clinging in the future that is again this is the path. When there is no cause there will be no effect. When there is no clinging there will be no suffering. Just try it out with the little things first… then experience the peace you can possible achieve. Then practice it for your own betterment! 
May triple gem bless you to cease clinging and get rid of the endless sufferings!


sachi said...

I read this blog and it has immense importance. this piece of information is the KEY to nirvana and i expect anybody to read this and try to understand this valuable concept about our misconception about I and MINE.

Anonymous said...

thank you.