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Friday, December 14, 2012

Bhawa (Becoming)

First of all I would like to apologize for the extreme delay for posting this article. The reason behind my delay is that I’m trying to give you a complete guide to achieve true happiness through the “Nirvana Dhamma” web site. Yes, it is not online these days as you all may already know. But will be back soon with more details to browse. So please forgive me again and let’s discuss about the tenth object of the Cause & Effect theory. 

Bhawa – Becoming is the ninth factor which causes you to bring suffering. 

"And what is becoming? These three are becoming: sensual becoming (kama bhawa), form becoming (roopa bhawa) & formless becoming (aroopa bhawa). This is called becoming. 

Becoming is often translated as feeling, emotion, mood, devotional state of mind too. However in this article we are going to discuss about this “Bhawa / Becoming” to a certain level which will be a support to our understanding of dhamma. 

A being do various kind of activities which belongs good, bad & neutral. When beings do good or bad things the mind also behaves accordingly or vice verse. 

We already discuss how it is too difficult to get rid of attachments because of clinging to them so badly. What exactly happen when we clinging to things badly? The answer is also describing the “Bhawa / Becoming”. Actually I like the word “Becoming” it’s describes the word “Bhawa” so perfectly. 

When we are clinging to people, animals, natural or material things without knowing their reality we become someone. Moment by moment it’s all about becoming someone and fights to protect that someone whom we become. 

As long as we clinging to mother, father we are a child. As long as we clinging to husband we are a wife. As long as we clinging to a wife we are a husband. As long as we clinging to our pet we are a pet lover. As long as we clinging to sports we are a sports lover. As long as we clinging to nation we become a nation lover. The list goes on and every single second we make sure to become someone. The process keeps go on until we realize the eternal theory of dhamma which is cause & effect theory. I mean not through the words by through the wisdom. It’s kind of realization as you already know. 

What is Sensual becoming (kama bhawa) described in the dhamma. 

As long as we are clinging to the sensual desires we are becoming in to this category. All kind of worldly pleasure can be categorize under sensual desires and as long as one clinging to these desires that person has reasons for the sensual becoming. In another way it’s the upper levels of existence call sensual desire sphere which also call kama bhawa like being a human being or being a god or being a member of lower realms. 

When one get rid of sensual becoming someone like who become a yogi / a person who meditate in the forest to get rid of sensual desires, attract to the silence, serene beauty & the calmness in the forest preferred such a life which is out of troubles of sensual life. Even though that person not become someone who desire to sensual pleasure he / she still prefer the pleasure of calmness, sereneness & the beauty of being alone. That clinging guides him to become a form becoming / rupa bhawa. In another way that person has reasons to born again in the level of existence call Material Sphere which also calls Rupa Loka. 

Another may also get rid of above both kind of clinging. He / she think all these forms are trouble makers. I wish I have not seeing all these things… I wish I couldn't hear these things… etc… he / she not wish to be a part of sensual desire world or form world. He / she act accordingly and become someone who don’t like any kind of forms and not attach to them. But still prefers to exist in somehow. So for them these Immaterial Sphere which call Arupa Loka is there and that the formless becoming. 

Likewise we always become someone which causes to gives the effect of becoming someone in one of those existence levels. The desire to being attach makes all the troubles. It cause for the becoming ultimately. 

We practice the defilement and we become someone who is evil & not suitable for the society’s protection. We practice good and virtue we become someone who is good and nice to the society. It’s all about how we use our mind, body & words. We can defilement & bad things because of attachments. Again we can do good & virtuous things by been attach to it. Also we can do good & virtuous things without attaching to them. 

As an example think about a person who shares dhamma, a monk may be. His action of spreading dhamma / sharing dhamma is a good & virtuous thing. If he doesn't not attach to it then no problem but if he is attach to it has become someone and as long as he become someone he wants to protect that status. When no one listens to him he will suffer. When someone scold for him by saying you are sharing wrong dhamma you are no good he will suffer. The anger also arises… Also when someone praise he will attract to it. likewise countless levels of suffering arise. 

But for the monk who not clinging to the action he does has not become someone who shares dhamma through his mind. So he has no value for it. But still he does it because he feels sorry for the people who suffer in this existence. So when conflicts arise that monk has no reasons to protect or save his status which he becomes because he hasn't become anyone. When someone scolds he doesn't care… he can react kindly because his mind is calm. When someone appreciates him again there is no reaction on mind because that monk has no one to protect. So becoming no one is the cease of becoming actually. 

Now it’s time to think in to your own self. Samma Sambuddha always asks nothing but to look in to our own self and realize it. Because if we are unable to look in to our self we never realize who we exactly are and how we become someone in each second we pass in our life. And we never able to capture the struggle we go through to protect that someone whom we become. 

Let’s discuss how becoming is turning into the cause of birth in next article.
May triple gem bless you to cease becoming and get rid of the endless sufferings!

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