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Friday, December 14, 2012

Jati (Birth)

Previous article described about how “becoming” happens. So this article is about how “Jati / Birth” happens because of becoming. In dhamma “Jati / Birth” described as below. 

"And what is birth? Whatever birth, taking birth, descent, coming-to-be, coming-forth, appearance of aggregates & acquisition of [sense] spheres of the various beings in this or that group of a being that is called birth." 

So what exactly is “Jati / Birth?” 

Yes as we all know birth is commonly identify when someone or something first arise to this world. Birth of a child or animal commonly identify as birth. But is that so? Is birth limited only for beings? 

In Pali canon there is a piece of dhamma available which described what subject to “Birth” can be. The sutta is call Ariyapariyesana Sutta: The Noble Search. 

“And what may be said to be subject to birth? Spouses & children are subject to birth. Men & women slaves... goats & sheep... fowl & pigs... elephants, cattle, horses, & mares... gold & silver are subject to birth. Subject to birth are these acquisitions, and one who is tied to them, infatuated with them, who has totally fallen for them, being subject to birth, seeks what is likewise subject to birth.” 

So in simple words not only living beings are subject to birth. All those natural & material things are also subject to birth. And as long as we are attached to these animals, beings, natural & material things we also subject to birth. As long as we are attached to these things we are looking for the things which are subject to birth. 

The entire 12 object in dependent origination are subject to everything in this world. But most of the time this is fact we easily forget too. We believe the dependent origination / cause & effect theory is only for living beings only. But if you read the whole set of articles about dependent origination I clearly pointed out how it is common to everything in this world. 

And also I always tried to point out that there is a dependent origination happen each second of our lives and how it is continuing to give the next birth and the endless existence in this universe. 

As a fact most of us says we rebirth in every second in our life. But most of us really don’t understand what this all about is. Actually this is the birth which we should understand clearly to cease the existence & suffering. In previous article we discuss about how “becoming”. When one becomes to someone the birth of that someone is the effect which we notice from the outside. 

As an example if a person keeps continuing doing evil things we identify that person as an evil person. So he used his mind, body & words for the evil because he / she become a person who like & attach to evil things. The result is he / she is giving a birth to an evil person. Because of his / her actions & words the outsiders also recognize him / her as an evil person. 

Think about a moment which you really get angry. Your whole actions, words & minds act accordingly and give an angry man / angry woman expression to the outside. Your body also changes accordingly. So those who looking at you at that time will say; “Look at you, you are like a demon, look at you, you are like an angry animal” etc… as soon as you calm down your “angry man / angry woman” life is dead. And you are a new born as a calm person. 
Likewise we build characteristics in our life. In another way we build lots of personalities / status in our lives. The one personality or one status you build most is normally becomes your personality in the society. 

As an example; 

You use your mind, body & words to do good things. You donate, you volunteer to the social activities etc. And you are recognized as a good person who do lot of merit full things. But still you sometimes get angry and you may sometimes do wrong evil things… etc. But mostly you are into the personality which you attached most is that basically you are a good person. 

I said in earlier article too, that do not become someone instead we should try to become no one. And also said that doesn’t matter how world sees us only matter is how our mind works with the attachments. 

Samma Sambuddha always said “Look in to our own self”. This is what we should do. Understand and realize our own self. Dhamma says that there is no one calls “I”. But still we feels someone call “I”. Why is that? 

That’s because we keep becoming someone and we give birth to someone in each second of our lives. And that is what we identify as “I”. When we understand / realize the dependent origination theory, we are able to see this process which happens in our life. And that’s how when one become a stream – enter (a noble sowan person) the belief in a self (sakkāya-diṭṭhi) is removing from the mind. After that, the given value to the world & self also reducing from a huge amount and that’s how mind gets clearer & clearer in each step which we grows in dhamma. 

Everything exist in this world are subject to birth. That’s how they are subject to dependent origination / the cause & effect theory. That’s why everything in this world changes, that’s why everything in this world has the quality of impermanence, change & uselessness. 

Hope with the 12th factor’s explanation you will get clearer idea about this connect of dependent origination & how everything exists in this world gets the quality of impermanence. 

So be aware, the mindfulness is all about how you aware of your own self. Wisdom is all about how you realize the meaninglessness in this illusion. Everything appears to this world and keeps changing & at the end death, destruction happens. This whole process we see as a meaningful thing and keep attracting the pleasure we get through it. But at the end the pleasure we seek also have the same quality. It’s also another birth which happened because of another reason. And lasted for few seconds and destroyed us unknowingly. It’s all up to your own self, to realize these things and get rid of suffering. I only can share the path to realization from the level I realize things. 

May triple gem bless you all the beings in this universe for the very best! 

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