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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

නොපෙනෙන ලොව බලපෑම් වීඩියෝ එකතුව

සසරක බියකරු බව වටහාගැනීම පිණිසමයි! මේ සෑම දෙයක්ම බෙදා හදාගන්නේ මේ සංසාරයේ බියකරු බව වටහාගෙන අප්‍රමාදී වීම පිණිසමයි... තාවකාලික සුවයක් සෙයාගෙන දස අකුසලයේ නිරතවෙලා කොතරම් දුක් විදින්නට සිද්ධ වෙනවාද කියලා තම තමන්ටම මද වශයෙන් හෝ වැටහීමක් ගන්නට මේ වගේ පරීක්ෂණ හේතුවෙනවා... ඒ නිසා තම තම නැණ පමණින් තෝරාගෙන යහපතක්ම සලසාගන්නට තරම් බුද්ධිමත් වෙන්න! තෙරුවන් සරණින් නිවනම වෙත්වා!

නිර්වාණ ධර්ම වෙබ් අඩවියේ ඇති මෙම සුවිශේෂී වීඩියෝ එකතුව නරඹන්නට මෙතැනින් යොමුවෙන්න!

For those who can not understand Sinhalese Language:  This is a experiment which has done by Mr. Raj Nilmini (Engineer, psychology consultant) who lives in Sri Lanka to see the reality of unseen world which effect in various ways to our lives.  In this video he has selected few people who has got such evil effect because of the hungry ghosts & other lower realms beings and talking with them by using a special method.
And Mr. Raj's aim is to do this experiment to prove that how 10 defilement, desire, hatred & ignorance can cause us to get a life in lower realms  and how sufferer these worlds are.  And also what we can do for them and what is possible to do for their release from such a suffering.
Through out this experiment we can see how the normal human being change with the effect of lower realm being and they enter to their bodies just because of the craving, desire and huge attachments which they had for the certain person or the family or the properties which these people currently live.  These people doesn't even know the person but still they get those hungry ghosts evil attention as these lower realms beings are full of desire, hatred & ignorance.
So what Mr. Raj basically doing is that talking to these lower realms beings and asking their current needs and how suffering are they and tell them to come to Wharaka Ariyachnthashram Temple where lives a noble Sangha named Ven. Waharaka Abayarathnalankara and get the merits from the arms giving which they plans to held.
And the experiment continue even after Mr. Raj & these people held the noble activities and spread metta and merits to them.  And the lower realms being explains how they are happy now and how most of the suffering things vanish from them.  Some even got a little higher levels in the lower realms which are not much suffering available.
This is the summary of this set of videos and this is a good opportunity to a intelligent true human beings to realize how suffering this existence and what we should do without a delay rather than fighting for worldly things like the people, animals, natural things or properties which are impermanent.  The point is to show the ATTACHMENT, CRAVING, DESIRE which have for these useless worldly things can guide one to HATRED because of the IGNORANCE and get the evil suffering which one can't even imagine.
This also shows, when there is craving, desire, hatred becomes the current quality of our characters in higher levels that quality attracts these lower realms beings to our lives and make us miserable too.
One may think that these are all lies and fake experiments.  But all I have to say is Mr. Raj Nilmini is well known to me and I personally know how wisely he guide his life to cease the suffering.  We already have seen how people get these evil effects and how the evil qualities attract them etc... So it is all up to you as end of the day you are the one who make your own decision! 
May triple gem bless you for the best and may you release from these lower realms qualities as soon as possible!

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