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Friday, June 24, 2011

The worm and his lovely pile of dung!

The worm and his lovely pile of dung!
Some people simply don’t want to be free from trouble. If they haven’t got enough problems of their own to worry about, then they tune into television soapies to worry about fictional character’s problems. Many take anxiety to be stimulating; they regard what is suffering to be good fun. They don’t want to be happy, because they are too attached to their burdens.
2 monks had been close friends all their life. After they dies, one was reborn a deva (a heavenly being) in a beautiful heaven world, while his friend was reborn as a worm in a pile of dung.
The deva soon began to miss his old friend and wondered where he’d been reborn. He couldn’t find his friend anywhere in this own heaven world, so he looked in all the other heaven realms too. His friend wasn’t there. Using his heavenly powers, the deva searched the world of human beings but couldn’t find his friend there either. Surely, he thought, his friend wouldn’t have taken rebirth in the animal realms, but he checked there just in case. Still there was no sign of his friend from the previous life. So, next, the deva searched the world of what we call the “creepy – crawlies” and, to his great surprise, there the found his friend reborn as a worm in a disgusting pile of stinking dung!
The bonds of friendship are so strong that they often outlast death. The deva felt he had to rescue his old companion from such an unfortunate rebirth, no matter what karma had let to it. So the deva appeared in front of the foul pile of dung and called out, “Hey, worm! Do you remember me? We were monks together in our past life and you were my best friend, you’ve been reborn in this revolting pile of cow – shit. Don’t be worried, though, because I can take you to heaven with me. Come on, old friend!’
“Hang on a moment!” said the worm, “What’s so great about this “heaven world” you are twittering on about? I’m very happy there with my fragrant, delicious pile of delectable dung, thank you very much.”
“You don’t understand,” said the deva, and he gave the worm a brilliant description of the delights and pleasures of heaven. “Is there any dung up there, then?” asked the worm, getting to the point.
“Of course not!” sniffed the deva.
“Then I am not going!” replied the worm firmly. “Nick off!”
And the worm burrowed into the center of the dung pile. The deva thought that if only the worm could see heaven for himself, then he would understand. So the deva held his nose and thrust his soft hand into the repulsive pile of dung, searching for the worm. He found him and began to pull him out. “Hey! Leave me alone!” screamed the worm. “Help! May day! I’m being worm – napped!” and the little slippery worm wriggled and squirmed till he got free, then he dived back into the dung pile to hide.
The kind deva plunged his fingers into the stinking faeces again, found the worm and tried once more to the pull him out. The deva almost got the worm out, but because the worm caped a second time and hi even deeper in the dung pile, One 108 times the deva tried to lead the poor worm out from his miserable dung pile, but the worm was so attached to his lovely pile of dung that he always wriggled back!
So, eventually, the deva had to go back up to heaven and leave the foolish worm to his “lovely pile of dung”. Thus ends the 108 stories told in this book. 
~ The insightful dhamma stories by great Ven. Ajahn Brahm ~
(This is the last story of the book named “Opening the door of your heart” which had 108 stories… Like in the story says… I too wonder how many of us grasp the great meanings behind those stories as well as the pure dhamma and make the decision for enter to the path to achieve the real peace of mind)

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