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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Garbage bag of an insane person!

At the end of the day what you do to your garbage bag? Yes, you throw it because there is nothing valuable or fruitful for you. So you don’t need it anymore. 
But imagine a person who is carrying a heavy garbage bag which filled with useless plastic cups, cans, piece of dirty cloths, foods, papers etc... He is not carrying that garbage bag as a duty… he carries it because he loves those garbage inside the bag. So he don’t care how heavy that bag is he just carries it wherever he goes. Not just he carries it he also sorting the garbage inside the bag whenever he gets a chance. He enjoys it a lot. 

What you say when you see such a person? Yes, you feel like he has gone insane… he is a crazy foolish person. Because he value the garbage and he enjoy carrying garbage no matter how heavy the bag is. 

Now we say he is insane because of what he do. But how about us... what if I say that you & I do the same…? We also sort out the garbage and pack them again in a bag and carrying it happily without even considering how heavy the bag is. Don’t surprise… we also do the same unknowingly… let’s see what we carries. We do this till we understand the Dhamma and practice the Dhamma with a true understanding. 
What we pack in our bag? That person is like that, he used to be like that, now things are not the same, this is really good, that is really bad, these the best, these are the worst, why it is not like this, why she is behaving like that, what is there, what is this, etc… etc… Don’t know how much stuff we think and carry with us in our mind. Whenever we get a chance we sort all these beings, natural things, material things in to various categorize according to our views. 

We always measure them… we measure people, we measure animals, we measure natural things or material things and we give a value to them. When some are become valuable according to our measurements some become not valuable and no good at the same time. Likewise our mind is always in a duality… and we carry this garbage with us pack in the mind. 

It is so heavy… it is so stressful… it is so painful and bring restlessness in to our lives. But we don’t care… because we enjoy carrying it with us. But if we see a person who carries a garbage bag happily we call that person “He is insane… he is crazy…” Now who is crazy? Who is insane? Think carefully. 

What if that insane person do when he feels some stuffs he carries are not valuable and not fruitful to him? Yes, he throws them away. When he get that feeling to many of the stuffs of his garbage bag he throws them away and bag is now getting lighter & lighter… it will not heavy anymore… from the level he throws out the stuffs he feel comfortable and he will not suffering by carrying such a heavy load with him.
What if same thing happen to our garbage bag too? The Dhamma helps to recognize what is valuable and what is not valuable. What is meaningful and what is not meaningful… so from the level we realize that some stuffs we carries in our mind as various attachments are not so valuable or meaningful or fruitful enough to carry them with us we throw them away. We let them go… then what is the effect? 

Yes you are wise and you know what can be the result is. So when you carry your heavy garbage bag again remind the garbage which you carries in your mind. Throw them like the way you throw your garbage bag happily. Use the Dhamma as the support and it will helps you to recognize the real value of the garbage you carry by thinking that they are so fruitful, meaningful and valuable! 

Good luck and become a NOT insane person! May triple gem bless you for the best!!!
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