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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Being positive in this year!


So, how was the year 2020?

Hope all of your wishes came through… You might had loads of plans for the past year.  But did they work out? 

Even though the last year is a perfect lesson to all of our lives, don’t know how many of you accept it in that way…

We still expect this year to be nice & prosperous & good things to be happen. We still have so many plans, no matter how they ruined last year. 

You see my friend, we never learn.   And we believe this is positive thinking.

Think about this, instead of living in a dream and we say that’s what positive thinking is, how about we understand what’s going on around us & be aware of what can be happen & getting ready for anything with a positive attitude?

So, think about this deeply… coz positive thinking should bring positivity to your mind no matter what happens around you.  That doesn’t mean we don’t accept what’s happen around us and say “Oh, I’m thinking positively that this won’t happen and think positively to be things happen according to the way we wish”

That’s a mistaken positivity and you can understand it by yourself by thinking deeply on that matter. 

So, my dear dhamma friends, begin this year with actual positive think and be aware and get ready for the worst with a positive vibe. 

Courage, compassion, gratitude all these things add the positive vibes to your life.  Generate that vibe more instead of living a dream world and dreaming for a world which behave according to the way you wish.

Good luck and blessings for a happy positive year ahead no matter what worst happen!

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