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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Can you liberate?


Article summary

Do you wish to liberate? I mean true liberation? No matter how hard we try to liberate if we don’t have these qualities with us. So, let’s take a look at the six qualities which are the blessed one mentioned for greatest Arhanthship.

Once the greatest Samma Sambuddha said; if one has these 6 qualities, he or she cannot attain the final fruit of nibbana the greatest Arhanthship.

This is in the Pali canon –Numbered Discourses 6 (Anguththara Nikaya) - 8. Perfection Category (Arhaththa Wagga) - 83. The Best Thing ( Aggadhamma Sutta)

“Mendicants, a mendicant with six qualities can’t realize the best thing, perfection. What six? It’s when a mendicant is;

1.    Faithless

2.    Shameless

3.    Imprudent

4.    Lazy

5.    Witless

6.    And they’re concerned with their body and their life. 

A mendicant with these six qualities can’t realize the best thing, perfection.

So, as always you can see the “Faith” is the seed and it is the top necessary for your liberation.  And then one has to identify the shamelessness & imprudent for sins & wrongfulness.  If one doesn’t Conscientious & prudent for the sins and wrongfulness one fails to correct them and liberate from them. 

And being lazy doesn’t means the laziness for general activities.  One that so energetic to the day-to-day activities can be lazy to listen to dhamma, practice dhamma and do the things needful for liberation.  So, in here laziness means being lazy to liberate. 

And of course, all these cause because of the lack of wisdom.  Being witless, ignorant is a cause of not having liberation. 

And one does care about life & body too much also far way from liberation.  If you think about food and healthier life all the time you are losing your focus on the liberation, or finding the truth. 

So, too much of concern over life & body is a quality which can not bring you liberation. 

So, my dear dhamma friends, check these with yourself.  If you feel like you have these work on them and get rid of them.

“A mendicant with six qualities can realize the best thing, perfection. What six? It’s when a mendicant is;

1.    Faithful

2.    Conscientious

3.    Prudent

4.    Energetic

5.    Wise

6.    And they have no concern for their body and their life. 

A mendicant with these six qualities can realize the best thing, perfection.

May triple gem bless you for the best my dear dhamma friends!

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