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Monday, August 3, 2009

Think Again... Become your own saviour!!

These are coming with my personal experiences and I though adding something here may help others to understand the reality! All these years I found out many bhikkus & many people express their view & most of them say for living not for nirvana... And many books include as doctrine nothing but a MESS.
Nowadays I heard & see many speeches, books, articles etc.. guiding us to the living not to the NIRVANA! Many people & many bikkhus doesn't know that knowing more & gathering more knowledge also is another reason to keep us away from nirvana!

As we know Samma Sambuddha once said to Maha Prajapathi Gothami that;
"If any teaching leads you to Get rid of the Desire/Hope(Ragaya) , to Get rid of Anger/Hatred/ thought of conflict (Dweshaya) and to Get rid of ignorance/false vision (Mohaya), that will be my teaching.. and you can match to it and choose the real Samma Sambuddha's teaching at any time in any ear... that's the way you should choose".
Nirvana is with us.. people just ignore it because they love this world and they are in a illusion which is hard to accept.... They can't see the hidden suffering coming through this attraction & worldly things.. And most of the people afraid to Nirvana that is why they don't like to achieve it without any delay.. they just keep it after the death or.. some another day.. I too once among these people.

Even though I needed nirvana i was so attached to this worldly things on that time... but i realize the illusion.. now no one can change my mind by saying this world is so nice.. good.. beautiful.. many to enjoy.. etc.. when they say I feel sorry for them.. and they say they feel sorry for me! But I know I am in the perfect path...!

It is just a simple theory... There were many Samma Sambuddha are happen to be live this world from zillions of years.. and Gautama Buddha is who very close to us because we understood this in his time period.. All those Samma Sambuddha's couldn't change this world.. and they even explained that no one can change this world.. so even in the time of Buddha everyone couldn't understand this truth and not everyone agreed to his saying or believe in Nirvana... and that is why we are still in this life circle.. We just repeat the same things in this life circle by making "I" and "Mine" every time and we believe this is the one & only life we live as we don't remember our past lives.

We even don't like to believe in this life that we have seen many people who tried to continue "I" and "Mine" finally they failed and die... Our parents.. our grandparents.. and grandparents' parents... etc...They had fight for living.. they tried to keep the life the way they want but finally they failed... and now you.. you trying to do the something... entertaining yourself...&  trying to keep the things the way you want...if not you feel very sad but again you think you can change the situation and trying again... again &  again..
Aren’t you tried or try to fix things with more money…? comfortable life…? nice family life? vehicle...? more education? & etc… You are holding a part of this unsteadily thing and waiting for a comfort. Will you succeed?

Did you ever thought that the how stress is coming... this is how you got your stress.. aren't you??

So when someone understood the teaching of Buddha he or she understand that putting a useless effort to keep things the way we want will drag us to deep suffer and the hope to see the things happening the way we want is also useless and wasting time.

Then he or she will understand that there is nothing actually suitable to collect with the thought of “These are MINE” or “This is I” and also no one can expect the happiness or comfort in existence. Once someone realizes these realistic things he or she has seen the Buddha’s teaching. They really understood the Buddhism. That is his or her first step into the Buddhism. And now he or she is a Buddhist.

Now, no one have to explain what is world and how wonderful it is for him or her. Now anyone who understood this theory should understand, from which part of our life we are trying to find comfort or stress free moments. According to which theory we put that useless effort?

Which throw us to stressful uncomfortable life style?
Limitless attachments… conflict…ignorance
Why we trapped in this attachments, conflict, and ignorance?
The mentality of fulfilling the limitless hopes somehow
Why we get those unlimited expectations?
Because you feel that there is somewhere in this world  you can find the comfortable stress free place or moment
What will happen if you live like that?
You will get uncomfortable stressful life because you are always trying to achieve the unachievable.
If the percentage of finding comfort in existence is 100% the percentage of stress you gain through the failure also 100%. If the percentage of finding comfort in existence is 50% the percentage of stress you gain through the failure also 50%. If the percentage of finding comfort in existence is 10% the percentage of stress you gain through the failure also 10%. If the percentage of finding comfort in existence is 1% the percentage of stress you gain through the failure also 1%.
If you do not try to find comfort in existence you will gain a stress free comfortable life!
So Lord Buddha said, no one can show a comfortable place in this existence... if so there is no need of a Buddha or his teaching to end this life circle to attain Nirvana!

What is development? A developed country and development is a measurement who created by persons who is in that illusion. It is only a concept… real geniuses are never satisfy with the development because they know the development is something we cannot measure or limit by accepting this is the limit we cannot develop than this… so it is just a comparison with a undeveloped things. There is nobody who tells that “we are now stressed free & comfortable and now we are developed through our mentality”. Even the milliners get problem & stress… they have enough money for the comfortable life people who call it comfortable but still they are looking for more money and they in the rat race.

We do learn things.. from grade one to degree levels or may be higher than it.. we marry.. we give birth to our children.. we think we live happily by facing to our sufferings... this is the life.. this the society.. etc.. and then finally we die..!
Then again with the impression of purity ( kusala Khamma) or defilement (akusala Khamma) we again come to this life circle and repeat the same things as a human or god or in hell or as a animal..

Only human can decide and work out to change this life. Whether to end the life circle or to continue. All depends with his or her activities.. as all other stages like being a God... Animal... live in hell.. etc...are the result of being good or bad as a human.

Then as a human if we get everything in our life to enjoy it.. and if we found there is no suffering we just ignore the buddha's teaching and say I dont' have to acheive nirvana because I feel that the happiness & suffering are 2 sides of the same coin or.. I have courage & power to face the reality of suffering or.. buddhism is for those who weak in mind... etc..

When someone got a sufferfull life that person automatically thinks to finish this life circle with his sufferings.. and again if he got something better to live nicely he again refuse this nirvana..and struggle to live...

So all these people don't like to beleive that nirvana is the most happiest and the relaxing place in this life circle and after achieving it they can end this life circle not only that they can live a moment which is completely filled with happiness and relaxing.

"Ethang Santhang Ethang paneethang" - It is the most peaceful & tasty/delicious/happy/the greatest pleasure" the Nirvana! You should realize by now how comfortable is Nirvana… without any attachments, conflicts, ignorance how free you are… You should think the value of that achievement even for a second. Then you will improve your meditation to Nirvana every minute you think that.

So doesn't matter how hard Buddha or I or another person explain to you or how hard we try to give you the best to attain nirvana as long as you understand it by your self you will not enter the path of Nirvana.

By sticking to a normal popular bhikku or some set of books you will try to fight and argue to defeat others and their views etc... and become the number one! You just don't realize that, by doing such activities you are heading opposite from the Nirvana & Buddha's teaching! Doesn't matter how much you argue or how much you do your reaserch but finally nirvana should win.. because that is the only place which you can feel safe..!

No body can save you... Not god.. not another monk.. not another religion cheif.. not another human.. not even lord buddha save you...when well disciplined yourselves you become your own saviour..!

Always think and apply the speeches & the things you hear or see about buddhism.. think wether those saying are help to kill the Desire/Hope (Ragaya) , Anger/Hatred/ thought of conflict (Dweshaya) and ignorance/false vision (Mohaya)... then choose it as the buddha's teaching and apply it for your life style and it will guide you to the nirvana...!

After you get the insight ( sowan - first step of acheiving nirwana ) . the insight itself lead you to the deeper understanding of life. you dont have to depend on external wisdom, the dhamma/doctrine will be your teacher after that.

So save your self.. no one will come to save you even though you argue with many or teach many people as you doesn't help you to acheive Nirvana!

Take advantage of being a human with out any delay!

Lord Buddha once asked his follower monks “what do you do when your head get burn?” then they replied “we should quench it as soon as possible” then Lord Buddha replied “My dear followers, then you should second such an incident and complete your process to Nirvana.”
This saying doesn’t mean that you should burn your head to attain Nirvana… it is a valuable example for being quick without wasting even a instant in this life to achieve Nirvana.

So now how do you feel?
How much you spend from your time to realize this valuable truth?
You know the answer!
Keep nirvana for another time to achieve is not a wise thing to do..! Now you know that well!

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