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Monday, January 31, 2011

The bait we trapped.... (Part 01)

Fish 1: 
Ohh! I hate that hook… they are so hurting… it’s terrible when we stuck with it… I have seen so many fishes who suffering with it… oh fish! I will never go near to it…
Fish 2: 
Yes fishy! I too saw such fish buddies… I don’t know what they look in it to eat it… they never listen to anyone…

After a while…
Fish 1:  
wow!! Just look what we got hear… what a tasty food… do u know that this sort of food bring such a energy to life… I can’t wait to see how tasty it is… and also I heard there is a surprise inside of these kind of food… great isn’t it?
Fish 2: 
Cool buddy! It’s our day hurray!! It’s so hard to find that kind of worms in this area… it’s like we are going to get a diet from heaven… great let’s eat… what do we waiting for…???
The END!!!
Man 1:  
Ohh! I hate this suffering… we never get a peace in this existence… oh god! Please may suffering never come to me! May this will become my last birth with suffering!
Man 2: 
yes friend! Dhamma is correctly explained… Samma Sambuddha said well… this existence is truly suffering… so misarable… we shouldn’t get born again… I even don’t attach to many things… no craving at all… but what to do with this body we have to face the suffering… let’s pray for no more suffering again!
After a while…
Look at this!! Wow … what a pleasant surprise..!! it’s beauty & sound… oh my god smell the fragrance… what a comfort… mmm… tastyyyy…. What a pleasure… may this pleasure again & again come to me!
that's true my friend… so true… what a great moment… my eyes are so lucky to see such a beauty… I’m grateful to my ears… oh god how lucky is my nose… I feel like worshiping this body for giving such a comfort for me… wow… May this moment be with me forever and make me happy… I’m sure whenever I think about this I will be able to get the same feeling & pleasure I got now… wow… I just wish this comfort may always be with me…!! Such a dream should come true for me again & again…
THE END (ends up with suffering)!!
As long as the fish eats the baits the hook also get into the mouth automatically… so as for us too… as long as we are attach to the pleasure and entertain our 6 senses we automatically allow suffering to caught us! So no matter how hard you wish for a comfortable life with true happiness & no matter how loudly u scream for “SUFFERING PLEASE DON”T COME… “ the suffering will be with you. Eveyone can see the suffering… there is no need of special wisdom to see suffering… BUT From the moment you recognize the pleasure as its reality and pleasure as the pleasure and the suffering as it is which is hidden through pleasure you will be able to see the suffering, cause of suffering, cease of suffering and the path to cease the suffering. From that moment onward you are a real wise person! 
When the fish happen to identify the bait and the hook that fish never goes to eat it again and trapped by the bait...
 so as to the us... when someone identify the pleasure  & it's reality through dhamma he / she will never trapped with the pleasure again... Through understanding they will achieve the true happiness for him / her self!
May all being attain the greatest bliss of true happiness!!

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