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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why some people say that they are noble?

Why some people say that they are noble?
As we know there are noble people among us. Noble means they truly understood the eternal Dhamma and achieve the various levels in the path of nirvana.

The path to Stream – Entry (Follower of the Sowan Path)
The fruition of Stream – Entry (Sowan person)
The path to Once – returning (Follower of the Sakadagami Path)
The Fruition of Once – returning (Sakadagami person)
The path to Non – returning (Follower of the Anagami Path)
The fruition of Non – returning (Anagami person)
The path to Arahathship (Follower of the Arihat Path)
The fruition of Arahathship (Great Arihat)
Anyone can achieve the eternal nirvana which is the level of Arahthship while he / she are with the normal worldly environment. But those who achieve the levels of Non – returning (Anagami) & Arahtship are most of the time in the society of bhikku or bhikkuni & wear the robs for the betterment of everyone. But again Anagami people still can be among us as a normal person with higher qualities.  Anyway this not is not about how to achieve these levels. But to explain how to be careful from the cheaters who says that they achieve many levels.

Some say "I’m Arihat", some say "I’m an Anagami" and most of them say "I’m in the level of Stream – entry".  If someone saying which level he or she is, that person say it with one of be below 5 reasons.

1. Mandattang momuhatta (The one who is stupid and with higher level of ignorance says that he / she achieve the levels of Dhamma path)

2. Papicco iccapagatho ( The one who expect profits, compliments, gifts & other benefits are again saying that he / she achieved the various levels in the Dhamma path)

3. Ummada citta vikkepa (The one who say with crazy mind / the crazy people say that he / she achieved the levels in the Dhamma path)

4. Adimanena ( The one who with higher pride which arise with the ignorance say that he / she achieved the levels in the Dhamma path)

5. Sammadeva (The one who truly say & explore that he /she really achieve the levels of Dhamma path with expectation to support others too to achieve such a level with kind heart)

So there are many people among us who says that “I’m an Anagami, I’m an Arihat, or these days we even meet people says that they are the Buddha” anyway to identify such person who is Anagami or above the Anagami level there is one simple way…
Just check how whether they get angry… the anger is something which is not available with those who achieved the level of Anagami & above Anagami.
One can act for few hours or few days that he / she has no anger at all… but they can’t hide the reality for so long… so carefully watch them… examine them… check how often they get anger check how often they support for the thought, words & actions with desires, hatred & ignorance… if u happen to notice such ignorant qualities with such people who call them that they are Anagami or Above the Anagami level get rid of them soon … as far as possible save your self from such evil ignorant beings... it's only ignorant beings who fight for a peaceful pure world where there is not evil or ignorant beings... the intelligent person always be hurry to save him / her self from the ignorant world through understanding the reality.
Be careful my friend, world is so rude and evil… each step you will meet the ignorant evil beings who are ready to take your life under their spell… so be wise enough to save your self… be wise enough NOT TO sacrifice your valuable human life just for another ignorant being! The one you respect now may be the first to guide to hell and suffering...  you may also entering to the same evil area without knowing the reality of that ignorant being or the actions or the ignorant words... at the end he / she may not be with you to save you as they are already guided to the hell... So it's your responsibility to guide you for the betterment.
No one can save you – You will become your own savior when you discipline your mind, body, words from desires, hatred & ignorance!
May triple gem bless you for the best! May you able to identify the greatest noble people among you and achieve the best for you self too!

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