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Friday, October 14, 2011

Some of the greatest facts which cause to accelerate the path of nirvana!

I’m going to write you about some valuable facts which helpful for those who already achieved stream – entry level (Sotapanna) and for those who are not achieved any levels yet. I would like to introduce these facts as some kind of advices from the greatest Samma Sambuddha for everyone whose interested in following the path to not to be delay to complete the path of Nirvana.

Let’s identify some of the greatest facts which cause to accelerate the path of nirvana and extremely helpful to complete the path sooner.

1. Arya disciple who is filled with virtue is NOT going to be delay to complete his / her achievement of Nirvana.
This means that the person who truly with the understanding of dhamma has the fear of being with defilements. He / She use their understanding of dhamma to discipline his / her mind, body & words to get rid of desires, hatred & ignorance. They use the precepts with understanding to discipline themselves.
2. Arya disciple who is closed his / her doors of senses are NOT going to be delay to complete his / her achievement of Nirvana.
Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, Body and Mind are the Doors of senses. As far as these doors are open with the ignorance the desires & hatred are warmly welcomed. So the wise person who already have the understanding of pure dhamma make sure to close these doors and be aware of them when to open and for what to open them. When these doors are closed it’s easy to identify who comes near to the doors. 

Pleasurable forms may come and knock the door of eyes,
Pleasurable sounds may come and knock the door of ears,
Pleasurable fragrances may come and knock the door of nose,
Pleasurable flavors may come and knock the door of tongue,
Pleasurable touches may come and knock the door of body / skin,
Pleasurable thoughts may come and knock the door of mind, 

When these uninvited guests are knocking the doors of ours if we are with the understanding of pure dhamma we should be able to identify them and not open the door with warm welcome to them… 

When we ignore these uninvited guests with the understanding they will stop coming and knocking… and we can be in peace as we are get rid from the desires, hatred & Ignorance.
3. Arya disciple who is aware of his / her food is NOT going to be delay to complete his / her achievement of Nirvana.
Normal worldly people eat food for living + pleasure. They seek for various kinds of tastes / flavors to entertaining their tongue & mind. One who is with the awareness and with the understanding of pure dhamma not seeks for food for the pleasure. The Arya disciple should practice the way of taking food which helpful to get rid of desires. One who seeks to get rid of desires, hatred & Ignorance should always remember to remind the real purpose & reason to have food.
When one with dhamma got the plate of food or something to eat they should make sure to remember & think like this with understanding. 

“I’m not taking this food to keep my body fit for entertaining 5 senses or to do various sports for pleasure or to do worldly activities which increase the desire, hatred & Ignorance. I am not taking this food to entertain my tongue & mind with its tastes. I’m just taking this to maintain my body fit till I complete the path of Nibbana. I need strength to practice the path of dhamma to achieve greatest happiness and this food may give the needful strength for my purpose and may not be a cause to entertain 5 senses.”
Those who remind like this when they get any food to their hand before they eat them have the needful awareness to get rid of desires, hatred & ignorance. 

When one practice this way will not get any desires to the various kind of tastes / flavors and they will not conflict with the bad tastes they get through the foods. It’s simply helpful to get rid of the hope of having tasty food or good food or expensive food etc… it’s simply helpful to improve our mind to satisfy with the food we get and also it’s so effective and digest very well than the normal way of taking food. 

But always remember that this digest process work when you do as the way you think. It means as you thought when taking the food you should make sure to practice the dhamma path with real intention to achieve the greatest happiness. Then the food will give immense strength to spend the whole day without any trouble of hunger or other need of food.
I can promise you that this is truly effective as I’m practicing this way from my level best. And I can experience the way I’m get rid of the desire of various tastes of foods which I had earlier. I can see how I improve with the satisfaction of any food which comes to my way. Even I improve this to have one meal per day. 

Food is a main entity of keep ignorance alive. Food doesn’t mean only the food we eat to keep us alive. The food also means the thoughts we giving to the mind which we can identify as the consciousness at the end. There are 4 kind of food which we should reduce and get rid of… and I’ll try to explain this as a separate article in future. Somehow to get rid of all kind of foods which becomes a trouble & barrier to gain pure happiness the above method is as helpful as a beginning. This is even well explained in many times by Samma Sambuddha.
4. Arya disciple who is not sleeping much is NOT going to be delay to complete his / her achievement of Nirvana.
This is said as the person who doesn’t sleep much and doesn’t have laziness within can achieve the nirvana soon. The one who doesn’t sleep at the day time, beginning of the night & end of the night and only sleep at the middle of the night with the thought of giving a small rest to the body can achieve the nirvana. Also said all that time which is not sleeping should be in walking. 

I thought of this dhamma fact deeply. Coz I found many time that the meditation should be practice in all the 4 ways (sitting, walking, standing & lying down) I found this lying down meditation not happening only with those who practice the Dhutanga (the 13 ascetic practices) 

So I thought about what should be the hidden meaning of this which is possible to practice all the time. Then I felt the “Walking” doesn’t mean only the bodily walking we commonly recognize as “walking”. If you concentrate for the behavior of your mind for a while you will be able to realize that our mind is also “walking” all the time. Even while the body is sitting, standing or lying down the mind is “walking” and wandering so many places. Normally mind is “walking” to seek some pleasure & entertainments. When it’s on the walk we don’t feel sleepy. 

Imagine a moment which you do your favorite thing… let’s take as an example the time we watch movies. For the one who attached to watch movies doesn’t feel tired of watching movies till late night… they simply forget to sleep and mind is full on all the time.
Same way we should be able to practice our mind to “walk” the other way around. We should practice our mind to “walk” to seek for the things which we get attached with desires or hatred. 

We should be busy with keep “walking” our mind to find the cause and cease the cause. Our mind should be busy on “walking” in the battlefield. Imagine a soldier who already enter to the battlefield and fell asleep in the battlefield… what will happen to him? He will caught by enemies… or he will have to die by enemies… so same way the one with the understanding of pure dhamma has already entered to the battlefield and the enemies in there are the Kilesa / defilements which are very dangerous to deal with. 

Our mind should “walk”… it should keep walking to fight with them… then only the laziness will vanish and sleep will run away from us. When our body needs some rest then we can lie for a few moments. There is a way to do that also. Like we do while eating we also can think same kind of thing to the lying down process too. “I’m not lying down to entertain my body with comfort of mattress & pillow or dreams of entertaining 5 senses. I’m lying down now with the thought of giving some rest to the body which is necessary to gain the body strength to practice the dhamma path. I should get up in this time (think about a reasonable time which you like to get up) and turn to the right side of yours and keep your head in the right hand of yours and rest a little. This way of sleeping named as the “SeehaSeyya” in the dhamma. This method of sleeping gives a good blood circulation to the brain and allows improving the wisdom well with freshness of mind. 

Hope this way of “walking” is much more effective than just “walking” without a meaning. I heard some of the stories from Samma Sambuddha’s time saying that some Bhikkus even fell asleep while they walking. So simply the reason should be as above, they may have walked just because they asked to walk and without fighting with the Kilesa / defilements.
So the above explained kind of “walking” can be done while you sitting, standing, walking or either lying down and the laziness or sleep will not caught us in this process… because we are improving our awareness and step by step able to improve it to the 100% which gains the pure happiness.
So always remember that you are already entered to the battlefield and if you were lazy enough to sleep or rest in the battlefield the enemies will caught you easily and you are in great danger.
5. Arya disciple who is with the seven dhamma is NOT going to be delay to complete his / her achievement of Nirvana.
1. See the eternal qualities of Buddha, Dhamma & Sangha through wisdom and have unconditional faith upon them.

2. Disgust for defilements & sins.

3. Shame of doing evil actions, think evil thoughts and speak evil and have strong fear of their effects.

4. Always listen, practice and revise the pure dhamma which helpful for the nirvana.

5. Have a strong effort on practicing the path of ceasing the defilements and improving the virtue and pure happiness.

6. Always with awareness about the things did thought & spoke with desires, hatred & ignorance. And always with awareness to make sure that it won’t happen again and cease the desire, hatred & Ignorance.

7. Improve the wisdom of thinking about the reality of the five Khandhas (Panchaskhandha). They are always arise with the cause and when the cause is cease they are not visible… this quality of arise and fade away (Identify in dhamma as the wisdom of “Udaya – Waya”) of five khandhas. Always think about this and make use of them to get rid of desires, hatred & ignorance.
6. Arya disciple who is with the 4 Jana’s is NOT going to be delay to complete his / her achievement of Nirvana.
The 4 Jana’s arise when the mind is clear from the defilements. So when the field of battle with Kilesa / defilements there are moments which they defeat and allow us to feel the pleasure of defeating them and these moments are can be identify as the 4 levels of Janas which are filled with comfort and pleasure of get riding of desires, hatred… those who are with the understanding of pure dhamma improve these kind of moments and stay in comfort zone of mind which away from desires & hatred. These comfort zones are giving the background to defeat the defilements soon. 

Also there is one more important fact we should understand that everyone will not be able to have these Janas. There are people who can have these Janas with the practice of previous births. Not having Janas will not become a barrier to attain the greatest nirvana and will explain in this fact with more details in future. 

So this is how Arya disciple going to complete the path of dhamma. Even though you are an Arya Person (In the first level of Sotapanna / Stream – entry) make sure you are practicing this way to gain happiness the quickly. Otherwise your path of dhamma is not going to improve and you will be a delay person who still has the cause of suffering in this life circle. 

If you are aware with what you achieve as a Sotapanna / stream – entry person make sure you are not being proud or with the high thought of that “I’m safe and no more 4 lower realms come to me anymore” … it’s not time to be happy with what you achieve… it’s time to be hurry to wash & clean the rest of the dirt you have with you. You are the person who should make the decision. Otherwise you also will collect more & more dirt with the company of worldly people and will gain cause to continue the life circle few more births.
Nothing is giving by free… even the path of dhamma is not just going to complete without any effort… Effort should be given to make the background to complete the path by itself. The above is described few ways of making background and the effort should be to improve them by practicing and the background will be created to arisen the wisdom and complete the path of Nirvana by achieving the pure happiness! My blessings are always with you as a follower of this great path and May triple gem bless you for the best (nirvana)!!! 

Through next article I’ll make sure to add more reasons to degenerate a person who already achieved the level of Arya Dhamma path.


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