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Friday, June 21, 2013

Face wisely for feedback

If the listener praises you at the end of listening what you have said or after reading what you have written something may be with regards to dhamma or some other topic… then be careful. 

If the listener insults you at the end of listening what you have said or after reading what you have written something … then also be careful. 

Be patient on what you get as feedback. Analyze the both situation carefully. There may be several reasons for praising or insulting. 

May be what you have said is correct… but the listener may not get the correct idea on it and misunderstood it so he / she insult by thinking that is wrong & not suitable. Or else what you have said is actually wrong and that’s why may be listener try to correct you. 

May be what you have said is actually wrong and not suitable... but again the listener may get the feeling that it is a correct thing and praise you.  Then again may be someone who understood that what you said is actually wrong may try to correct you in several way which you feel like that, listener is trying to insult you or critics you.

In both situations the listener or reader may praise or insult you by grabbing the wrong point out of it. So it’s useless to be happy or thrilled by the praises or compliments OR useless to be worry or angry on critics / complains / insults.

There may be another reason like that the listener like you as a person and he / she is basically fan of yours and that’s may be why he / she is praising you without even considering what you say or written. Or the listener may hate you as a person so he / she doesn't like to accept what you say even if it is so correct and suitable to achieve something best for life. 

So there can be many reasons like these. That’s the main reason that we shouldn't jump up and thrilled by the praises / compliments we get on our words, activities or thoughts when they are visible to others. And that is the same reason that we shouldn't jump up with anger, hatred or worries by the critics / insults / bad words / complains get on our words, activities or thoughts when they are visible to others. 

So if you still have this inpatient quality that means you still have a lot to improve as a true human being. You clearly can use loads of dhamma to cleanse yourself from these kind of evil qualities which actually harmful to you so badly.

Once the wisest being ever happen to this universe described that thoughts, words, imaginative thinking, activities we do, speak and think based on desire, hatred & ignorance are like a plantain tree, for if the outer layers of the trunk are peeled off, as one goes inward one comes to no pith or hardwood.

So always remember that being inpatient on feedback which we get for our words, activities and thought is also like the same and also it is applicable to the reactions we made for them. Arguments, fights, debate, explanations, feeling like cloud number 09 etc… etc… also just like peeling off a plantain tree with the thought of having pith or hardwood inside which is valuable. But the result is all nothing but disappointments. Keep this example closer to your life and get the best use out of your wonderful human life.

As I always say the good is not really good and bad is not really bad... So have this on mind always remember that it's not important what we get as the feedback for our words or activities or thoughts in our life.  What really important is that how we react on each situation when we get certain feedback.  Because our reaction may guide us to chain of trouble and endless suffering which comes with the existence.  So be wise... be careful... beware from extremes... be blessed by the truth!!!

Get rid of desires, hatred & ignorance is the only way to be a perfect human being with pure happiness and peace!!! 
May triple gem bless you for the best!

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