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Monday, March 16, 2020

Are you afraid of Corona Virus?

Now we all are at a risk of pandemic disease like Corona (COVID 19). So, the fear is the first thing which make you sick before even affected by these kinds of diseases. Fear guide you to collect more & more food and other stuff only for yourself by being so selfish. And some feared to the maximum and anger level is at high point by spreading the disease purposely. And when observe all the behaviors it’s so clear that all the animals and lower realms beings who trapped inside human beings are released up to a certain point. So, I am writing this note to those who are in fear by believing that at least a one person could overcome the helplessness faced through this period! 

Samma sambuddha explain certain deep facts through similes. In such occasion blessed one said like this; 

“Bhikkhu, transmigration has no known beginning. No first point is found of sentient beings roaming and transmigrating, hindered by ignorance and fettered by craving. What do you think? Which is more: the mother’s milk you’ve drunk while roaming and transmigrating for such a very long time, or the water in the four oceans?” 

“As we understand the Buddha’s teaching, the mother’s milk we’ve drunk while roaming and transmigrating is more than the water in the four oceans.” 

“Good, good, Bhikkhus! It’s good that you understand my teaching like this. The mother’s milk you’ve drunk while roaming and transmigrating for such a very long time is more than the water in the four oceans. 

Why is that? Transmigration has no known beginning. Bhikkhus, long have you (repeatedly) experienced the death of a father... the death of a brother... the death of a sister... the death of a son... the death of a daughter... loss with regard to relatives... loss with regard to wealth... loss with regard to disease. The tears you have shed over loss with regard to disease while transmigrating & wandering this long, long time… This is quite enough for you to become disillusioned, dispassionate, and freed regarding all conditions.” 

And in some occasion when great Arahant bhikkhus meet the noble lay people who are in their death bed or when they get sick…. They explained like this… 

“So it is, householder. So it is. The body is afflicted, weak, & encumbered. For who, looking after this body, would claim even a moment of true health, except through sheer foolishness? So, you should train yourself: "Even though I may be afflicted in body, my mind will be unafflicted." That is how you should train yourself.' That's how I was sprinkled by the Blessed One with the deathless ambrosia of a Dhamma talk." 

So, my dear dhamma friends… one thing is certain that not having a disease in this body is what should surprise us. If our mind is unafflicted we don’t fear for these kinds of periods. 

If we are fragile and have the ability of get affected by any possible diseases, actually that is the main disease that we owned from the birth. We should cure that disease first. 

So, be wise… this is a good time to see what you do with your life. We have passed many obstacles and many disasters like these. Sometime we failed… sometimes we succeeded. That what we believe. But after all these so-called developments we are still fails to be healthy or to become a mortal being. 

 There is something wrong with the system. So, wake up my dear friends, while you still have the time!

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