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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Compassionate? Are you sure? (part 01)

When you have compassion to someone and the very same reason cause you to get conflicts thoughts on someone else… as an example; 

When your cat caught another animal may be a beautiful bird or little innocent squirrel your mind leads you to act badly upon the cat to sake of saving the other animal… may be you hit the cat… you get angry with cat… etc… and you think you are compassionate to all beings… then? 

For the sake of saving lot of animal’s life if you use your mind, body & words badly upon the butcher or the non-vegetarian persons or fishermen and you think you are compassionate to all beings… then? 

For the sake of your own religion, race or status you use your mind, body & words badly upon the other religions, races or status and you think you are compassionate to all beings and a good follower of your own religion… then? 

The monks & nuns who lives in monasteries and you think they are the one who deserve the best as they are the real followers of Buddhism and use your mind, body & words to ignore & disrespect the monks who lives in city temples and spend a luxurious life and you think you are equally respect to all monks & nuns who lives all around the world and you are compassionate to all beings… then? 

You spread the good words according to your religion and even thought the same teachings comes from a different form you ignore the same teaching by thinking they are different because it is not the one you are following or accepting… then you use your mind, body & words to conflict with the situations & such dhamma but you think you are a good follower of dhamma or whatever the religion you follow and compassionate to all beings… then? 

You believe your god is the greatest and when others describe about their own god you use your mind, body & words to disrespect the gods… you believe the path to become a god is far more better than the path to become a lower realm being & same time you disrespect the higher realms beings & the path to higher realms just because of the words are not the same as your belief… but you still believe that you respect the god no matter who are they “I believe in god” and … then? 

Likewise if your compassionate can be selfish and most of the time it is selfish without a doubt. But you still believe you are truly compassionate to all beings. But when you check your compassion then you able to find out that you only compassionate only to those who are in your side, “I”, “Mine” & “My team”. Is this compassion? What good will bring this kind of compassion? Don’t get angry with me for saying like this, that even animals have the very same kind of compassion & quality. They also so compassionate to their own set that they think they are “MINE”. 

The defilement come as a friend. Find out your own fault… find out what is missed and find out what you hiding from your own self. Accept your faults and be compassionate to yourself to correct these faults. Then the real compassion will arise equally to all beings. 
Because when you find out your own faults you can see the others also have the same quality without a difference and you feel sorry for them and without any differences on your mind. Then you equally treat them to get rid of those evil qualities. That is the compassion should be which brings you, your team as well as to the whole beings peace & prosperity!

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