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Friday, May 1, 2020

Let’s celebrate the Supreme Qualities!

The Vesak month is here. It is a special month to Buddhists around the world as we all celebrate the special occasion of the Supreme Samma Sambuddha, the Supreme Being of the world. So, some people are questioning the abilities, wisdom, miracles, etc. of the Samma Sambuddha, and doubt them. Even if it is unnecessary to answer them all the time, there is an occasion when the Samma Sambuddha himself pointed out a sometimes it is important to answer the skeptics & their suspicious views.

Let’s have a look in to the sutta in the Pali Canon – Deega Nikaya (DN) – Sampasadaneeya Sutta (Inspiring Confidence Sutta).

At one time the Samma Sambuddha was staying near Nālandā in Pāvārika’s mango grove. Then Sāriputta went up to the SamBuddha, bowed, sat down to one side, and said to him:

“Sir, I have such confidence in the SamBuddha that I believe there’s no other ascetic or brahmin—whether past, future, or present—whose direct knowledge is superior to the Samma SamBuddha when it comes to awakening.”

“That’s a grand and bold statement, Sāriputta. You’ve roared a definitive, unconditional lion’s roar” So, the conversation began…

In this discourse, the description of the infinite abilities, qualities and how special is the Samma Sambuddha are described by great Arahant Sariputta.

Supreme abilities & qualities like teaching ability of skillful qualities, how comprehensive is the description of the sense fields & sense-experiences, teachings of the origin, different ways of revealing, attainments of visions, description of individuals, variety of motivations, ways of practices, behavior in Speeches, different degrees of responsiveness to instruction, knowledge in knowledges & liberation of other individuals, wisdom on eternalism. Ability of recollecting past lives, knowledge of the death and rebirth of all sentient beings, wisdom about every kind of psychic powers… So, in brief, these things the Blessed One understands from beginning to end and beyond what the Blessed One understands there is nothing left to understand.

After listening to this conversation of the Samma Sambuddha & Arahant Sariputta, Ven. Udāyī said to the blessed one;

“It’s incredible, Blessed one, it’s amazing! The Realized One has so few wishes, such contentment, such humbleness! For even though the Realized One has such powers and might, he will not make a parade of himself. If the wanderers following other paths were to see even a single one of these qualities in themselves, they’d carry around a banner to that effect. It’s incredible, sir, it’s amazing! The Realized One has so few wishes, such contentment, such humbleness! For even though the Samma Sambuddha is so mighty and powerful will not proclaim own virtues & abilities.”

And then said the Blessed One;
“Yes, take note of this then, Udāyī, that this is so; If the wanderers following other paths were to see even a single one of these qualities in themselves, they’d carry around a banner to that effect. See, Udāyī, how the Realized One has so few wishes, such contentment, such humbleness. For even though the Realized One has such supreme powers and abilities, I will not show off.”

Then the Blessed One said to Ven. Sāriputta;
“So Sāriputta, you should frequently speak this discussion of the teaching to the monks, nuns, laymen, and laywomen. Though there will be some foolish people who have doubt or uncertainty regarding the Realized One, when they hear this explanation of the teachings & qualities of a Samma Sambuddha they’ll give up that doubt or uncertainty.”

So, if you are also deceived by a personal view of some so-called Buddhists preachers who claims that there are no supreme qualities nor super powers nor special knowledge about everything and Samma Sambuddha is also a normal being like us etc., be careful with what you believe and practice. 

Because the faith & the confidence is the seed to the supreme wisdom and to true liberation. If your seed is rotten or if you plant the wrong seed you won’t be able to gain the tree or the fruits you wish to achieve. 

So, read the full discourse and be in touch with the pure dhamma explanations to build a strong confidence on the teachings as well as the blessed one!

Let's celebrate the blessed one's supreme qualities & abilities in this Vesak month. Let yourself guide by the noble dhamma in this Vesak month! Let's follow the footsteps of great Samma Sambuddha and become a humble & down to earth being, which does not show off what we have as knowledge or as abilities!

Have a blessed time dear all!

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