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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

I am Blessed!

I am Blessed! 
With Samma Sambuddha as my bestest friend... With many other noble sangha as friends... With loads of loving & caring friends & many kind hearted people around… just make me feel that, I truly am Blessed!!!! 

I am Blessed! 
Family... Relatives... Teachers... Friends... and every other being who interacted me even once... from the little ones to elderly ones ... from seeing to unseeing beings... all kind of... all of them just make me feel that, I truly am Blessed!!!

I am Blessed! 
With the Noble Triple Gem... With the blessings of Jesus… With the blessings of all the other higher forces… all of these blessings just make me feel that, I truly am Blessed!!!

It’s been 37 years of journey to look back… but the truth is every second is a journey new kind of journey in this samsara - existence…

I am grateful for the life I have given!!!

I am grateful for the parents who gave me the opportunity to give life to this human body!!!

I am grateful for all the beings who dedicated their lives, time, words, thoughts & blessings to make me feel comfortable in this journey!!!

I am grateful for all the beings who doesn’t like me… who hates me and who opposed against me… as they have shown me the greatest lessons… build courage & strengthen my compassion towards all beings equally!!! 

I am grateful for everything… good or bad it doesn’t matter actually as long as we are wise enough to accept them as it is!

So, I am blessed & I am grateful!
Thank you for everything!!!

Thank you for being in my life!!! 
Thank you for accepting me in to your life!

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