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Monday, October 26, 2009

Buddha's Attitude to Miracles!

When the Buddha was once living at Nalanda in the Pavarika Gorve, a man by the name of Kevaddha went up to the Buddha paid homage to him and said; My Lord, Nalanda is a successful city. The people living in Nalanda are prosperous and they have confidence in the blessed one! Lord, it would be good, if the blessed one appointed a Bhikku to work a marvel of supernormal power, So that the people of Nalanda might become much more confident in the Blessed one. The Buddha replied, "Kevaddha, I do not teach the law to Bhikkus in that way "the Buddha gave the same reply when the question was put to him the second and the third time. after the third question the Buddha replied that there were three kinds of supernormal marvels;

The marvel of supernormal power to appear as many persons to pass through walls, to fly through the air, walk on water, all these are physical actions the ordinary people can't perform. 

The supernormal power to read other people's minds.
The supernormal power to be able to guide people according to their mental development, for their own good using suitable methods to fit these people.

The first 2 supernormal powers if displayed for their own sake in order to impress people are no different from the performance of magicians.

A Bhikku who practices such worldly miracles is a source of shame, humiliation and disgust. Such, actions may impress & win converts followers, but they do not bring enlightenment to help them put an end to suffering. The 3rd kind of supernormal power though which may be called a miracle helps people to get rid of suffering. This is the only supernormal power that is fit to the practice.

The only miracles that should be performed are these. When you see a man full of passion, craving & greed you teach him to free from passion, craving & greed. When you see a man is a slave to hatred & anger you teach him to free from those. When you come across a man who is ignorant & who can’t see the true nature of the world (everything in this world is not the way we want and that cause to suffering when there is continuous suffering exists we become destitute) you use your powers to help him overcome his ignorance. There are worthy miracle you can perform.

The advice to Kewaddha was also offended to the Vinaya Rules, which forbid performing miracles to impress people & gain comforts, without helping them to be enlightened.

Who ever do such supernormal miracles which includes to the first 2 facts Buddha was so displeased about those demonstrations. He always said anyone with these powers must never show off powers just to impress simple ignorant people.
May all wolds all beings attain Nirvana!

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